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Hey everyoneee! First of all, I want to say thank you to everyone that nominated me for an award. It means a lot to me that you remember my blog🥺🤍. I wanted to do it one post at a time but that would just be time consuming so I decided to put them together. Get […]

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The BrainStorms Award 🏆

Hey everyoneee! Today I feel so honored to have been nominated for the “BrainStorms Award!” Thanks to Poorwa for nominating me! Go check out Poorwa’s blog! . She’s amazing, I literally have her notifications on 😌. Also, big thanks to the creator of this award, Nabeeha @BrainStorms. Rules~ 1. Thank the one who nominated you […]


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Hey guysssss!!! How are you guys?! Hope we’re doing fine and we’re all trying to smile and be happy on this messed up day that is Monday. Sending you a virtual hug!🤍 I know I said I probably wouldn’t post till after my exams butttttttttttt your girl has an interesting post for y’all especially bloggers😁. […]