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DISSECTING D-2: Daechwita


I’m back with another D-2 review! But first of all, did y’all watch BTS’s cover of I’ll be missing you (Puff Daddy, Faith Evans and Sting Cover) on BBC Radio Live Lounge??? It was amazing! I cried! It’s so beautiful🥺 their vocals, emotions, everything! They did so well covering the song, I’m really proud of them and there were so many heartwarming comments from people who didn’t know but watched the performance. I was so touched. Go give it a listen if you haven’t!

Now, for the business for today. As you know, we are reviewing one of my favorite songs ever! Daechwita! but as you don’t know, I won’t be the one reviewing one of my favorite songs ever. Today, we have here with us another beautiful ARMY and an amazing blogger, Lili from Lili’s Not-So-Secret Diary! !!!!!!! 👏🏽 👏🏽 👏🏽 👏🏽 👏🏽 👏🏽

I’m really really excited for this feature because there’s nothing I love more than reading or listening to reviews of Bangtan songs by other ARMYs so I was so happy when she agreed to do this. I feel like I’m just going to keep rambling so I’m just going to pass it on to Lili now😂



Hello everyone! It’s me Lili from Lili’s Not-So-Secret Diary! Ib asked me if I could feature in her “Dissecting D-2” series and I said, “why not”. I love featuring!

In this post, I’ll be dissecting “Daechwita” one of my FAVES in D-2

Let’s start! I’ll be going verse and explanation, verse and explanation. I’ve also broken down the verses since it’s easier for me to explain too!

Intro –

The MV starts with “명금일하 대취타 하랍신다” and “예이”, which means something like,
“After the one ring of the jing (a metal gong), the Daechwita is ordered.” and “Yessir”.

Daechwita Daechwita, let it ring, Daechwita
Daechwita Daechwita, let it ring, Daechwita
Daechwita Daechwita, let it ring, Daechwita
Daechwita Daechwita, let it ring, Daechwita
Daechwita Daechwita, let it ring, Daechwita
It’s shining, it’s shining, my crown is shining.
Don’t forget, don’t forget, don’t forget the days gone by.
We so fly, we so fly, with private jets, we so fly.

Here, he’s probably just trying to tell his listeners to play the song out loud. Yoongi is showing how his crown shines and he’s telling people to not forget the days gone by [I think the past history?]. Also the “private jets” part, I feel he wants to show how rich he is now.

Now here are some translations and explanations!!

Verse 1~

“From origins of a slave to become a King.
A tiger that has gone crazy, Gwanghae flow.”

Suga probably wants to tell the people that he was a slave [you know, his life before, unsupportive parents and stuff] and now he’s literally a member of the biggest boyband out there. So yeah. Now for the “Gwanghae” and the tiger part-
Gwanghae was the 15th king of the Joseon dynasty. He was an intelligent but complex character and there’s still disagreement whether he was a good king or not.
In the MV, we see blonde hair Yoongi potrayed as he’s evil…so maybe he’s the King?
Man-eating tigers were greatly feared in Korea. They were feared enough to be revered as almost magical mystical creatures. But they’re often portrayed as the evil or antagonistic character in many Korean folklore, so this awe of the tiger is a bit of fear-induced love-hate. I think the tiger represents the King, and it fits since both have so much power that they can be especially scary when they decide to harm.
Yes again, he probably is the King.

“Someone who rose out of a creek to become a dragon. That’s the law by which I live.”

Again, I think it’s the same thing. He was a slave and became a King. He just potrayed it in a different way.

“Sorry, don’t you worry
I have a lot to lose as well
Put the past in the rice chest
I’ll take what is mine and consume it all”

Here, I have a strong feeling that he’s telling the haters not to worry because he himself has a lot to lose. For the “put the past in the rice chest”… The way he says it I guess he wants to kill his past? Or just forget about it and take what’s his [earned by his hard-work of course].

“It makes no sense, to say I’m a dog.
I’m born as a tiger – at least I’m not fragile like you.”

In the MV, we find the black-haired Yoongi saying this, so he’s probably dissing the king lol.

The most confusing part is that Suga plays both, the king, and the black haired one who’s the future king, I guess. Also the MV gives a translation of “ain’t no weak pill-popper”. So in Korean, doing drugs and being weak kinda sounds the same [idk I haven’t researched so-]

“Pathetic fucks putting on a talent show Not gonna lie, what a shitshow
I got no pretensions, just kill ’em all
Ain’t no exceptions, I watch you fall”

ALL HAIL AGUST D. The power in this verse mwah-

Ib’s input: ALL HAIL AGUST D!! AHHHHH, the freaking power! Sorry I had to😔

Back to Lili😗

We know, that in the music video, he kills the slaves or the criminals idk who they were. So yep…drop in your theories down below, I couldn’t crack this one.

“Flexing, I don’t have.

I don’t need it.

Who’s the king? who’s the boss? Everyone knows my name
Those bastards who only talk shit, Off with their heads now!”

Flexing? Nanopchi- OMG THAT’S SO ICONIC. It’s true, he doesn’t need any flexing bro- Again, Min Yoongi proving he’s the king 😌
I think the bastards part is meant for the haters, honestly it fits so well-
And then we have the amazing, fantastic, going to get stuck in your head type of chorus bahahha. I should’ve used catchy instead of that long statement

chorus plays

Verse 2

“Hit this town, then cut and run in a jet
This country is too small to hold me in yet, yeah
Woo, who says time is money?
My time is worth more than that”

“This country is too small to hold me in yet” This line is reminiscent of the line from his 2016 song, “Agust D”

“My size is different to fit in the k-pop category”

Four years after declaring that ‘k-pop’ is too small a category to describe him, Agust D now declares that the entire country is not large enough, as he’s not ‘just a Korean’ artist anymore—alluding to his and BTS’s international fame. Well Yoongi I-

“Tic tok,
In the face of those Seonbi bastards, I spit.”

Seonbis are scholars during Joseon dynasty. They were really into being right, righteous, and strict. In modern day, the word is often used to negatively describe those who are too politically correct, on their moral high horse.

Explains enough…

“The revenue that’s never gone down, Our Bang PD is dancing every day”

Bahahah I love how in the MV they show that portrait Jungkook made [modified version ofc]. It’s just too good.

Bang Sihyuk successfully built up his company, Big Hit Entertainment, with BTS, the music group of which Yoongi is a member. He is explaining that by making him dance, the record company made the successes.

“I’m so thankful, I’m a genius,
That’s your reason for using drugs, cry me a river, you just got no skills.”

The sass, the power the everything this song holds is SO FREAKING GOOD.

I’m so thankful, I’m a genius – Yoongi has referred to himself in this way several times in the past. For example, for the first episode of VLive he was required to describe himself shortly. He chose to say he is a genius. The nickname ‘genius’ probably originates from the lyrics that a fan wrote for him :
Min Suga Genius jjang jjang man bboong bboong (민슈가천재짱짱맨뿡뿡)

It translates into “Min Suga is genius, the best best man, bboong bboong [it’s a sound for ‘cute’]” and it became a joke among BTS and their fans.

“I got everything I wanted. What else can I have to be contended?
The things I wanted were clothes clothes, then money money, then goal goal, what’s after this? What’s after this? Feeling a strong feeling of reality check, a situation where there’s no higher. I had only looked up, now I just wanna look down and gently land.”

In original lyrics, Yoongi uses the term ‘hyunta’ (현타)—it’s loosely translated as a ‘reality check’ in English translation. It’s a popular Korean slang, which is directly translated to ‘wise man’s time.’ It describes the feeling after ejaculating. It’s often used in situations where you have just achieved what you had been dearly dreaming of.

Yoongi uses the term to refer to the fact that he has achieved everything he ever wished for, leading him to a post-bliss emotion.

This line can also be seen as a cry for help, as that ‘hyunta’ feeling can also refer to disappointment or dissatisfaction, meaning that after dreaming about something for so long and finally achieving it, you realize it wasn’t that big of a deal. This could be a reference to the fame Yoongi has accomplished, which has led him to realize that money and fame aren’t as powerful as they seem. Maybe that’s why he wants to gently land?

“I’m a king, I’m a boss!

Remember my name

All shit-talk they got no game Off with their heads

I’m a king, I’m a boss!

Remember my name!”

All shit-talk they got no game Off with their heads
Daechwita Daechwita, let it ring, Daechwita
Daechwita Daechwita, let it ring, Daechwita
Daechwita Daechwita, let it ring, Daechwita
Daechwita Daechwita, let it ring, Daechwita
Daechwita Daechwita, let it ring, Daechwita

Overall review –

This song has extreme power and vibe, and you know when you listen to the karaoke, the music isn’t very vibey, it’s Yoongi’s voice that adds that vibe and catchiness.

The MV theoryyy!! Y’all can go check it out on the internet. It’s kinda confusing when it comes to dissecting it, so if you have any theories drop ‘em below!!

Thank you for reading, take care, stay hydrated and byeeeee! -Lili ❤


Omg, that ended too fast! I was really enjoying it🥺

Suga is such an amazing writer and rapper. I love how raw his emotions are when he writes. He literally pours his heart and soul into writing and rapping, it’s just mind blowing. Love! Love Love!

Thank you so much, Lili! Your review is really detailed and I’m sure everyone enjoyed it. I had so much fun! Please come back soon🥺💜

Alright everyone, I hope you enjoyed this! Make sure to check out Lili’s blog! She’s very cool! This is not the end of “Dissecting D-2”😌 so see you again soon!

Also, if you haven’t read the first 3 posts on this series then check out, People, Dear My Friend and Moonlight. Byeeeeee🤍

Link to Daechwita Music Video


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Oh my god!! Finally this post is up yayy!
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Thank you for letting me feature, Ib

PS – my friend got the dm and she’s like “do you know what this means? 😅”
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I know right, finallyyyyy!!!😂 Awwnn yes! Can’t wait🤩. Anytime, Lili💜

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