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Blogtober 2021!

Annyeong everyoneee!!!

It’s Ib!

Happy New Month to us all!🤍✨

So as we all know or probably don’t, Blogtober has begun! If you don’t know what Blogtober is, it’s a challenge most bloggers participate in where we have to post every single day in October! It’s a fun way for bloggers to challenge themselves, to boost traffic and to collaborate with other bloggers.

Your Blogtober could have a specific theme or niche, like most bloggers focus on “fall” or “Halloween” since it’s fall and Halloween is just by the corner but for bloggers like me who don’t experience Fall or Halloween (sad, I know), you can decide to blog about whatever you like. The main goal is to publish every single day in October.

This is my second year blogging and since I couldn’t participate last year, I’ve decided to join this year because I think it’ll definitely challenge my inner blogger and bring back my excitement for blogging since I’ve been loosing it recently. Most bloggers end up backing out later, hopefully I’m able to last till the end😂.

Some of you are probably wondering,

What’s your theme, Ib?

Welllll, since I’m not blogging about Fall or Halloween, I figured I should pick a theme that I would be able to talk about for 30 days so I’ve decided to do “HOF’21”

“Highlights OF 2021”

Basically it’s kind of a recap of 2021 since we have just two months left. 2 months is something but I couldn’t come up with a better theme so #freeme 😂😂

I’ll be talking about my favorite moments of 2021, how I saved money this year, favorite things I bought, my friendships, literally just reviewing 2021, I guess. I hope you all would find it interesting because I really want it to be🥺

I’m also going to be doing featuressss!! Yayyy, I feel like it’s been long since I did one 😭. So if there’s anything about your 2021 that you’d like to share like a new diet you tried, your workout routine, places you visited, online classes, literally anything you’d like to talk about then kindly contact me!

I think that’s all I have to say…soooooooooo

Let the Blogtober begin!!!!


24 replies on “Blogtober 2021!”

Happy Blogtober! 🍂🎃

I didn’t realise Blogtober was a thing last year, so this will be my first year participating in Blogtober as well. 😊 I hope you find your excitement for blogging again.

I am looking forward to your highlights of 2021 series. It sounds incredibly interesting, so I will be popping back to read your content!

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