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I had to come clean…

Hey everyoneee!

So this might or mightn’t come as a shock to you but I need to take a break from blogging, sadly. Not because I have a writer’s block, I just am not in the best place right now mentally and I don’t want to give off that energy in my posts cause like I’ve said before, readers can always feel the vibe the writer is in when they write and I don’t want give off a dull or sad vibe which is why I’m going to put blogging on hold for a while.

Basically, I’ve been feeling very unfulfilled lately. Like I mentioned 3 weeks ago, we were sent home from school cause some students had caught Corona and they didn’t want it spreading to other students. That was already very upsetting but they said we were going to start online classes this last week but we ended up having only 2 classes throughout the entire week cause I guess the lecturers aren’t in the mood for online classes, I don’t know…

So it’s just me sitting at home feeling useless. I try to do other things like blogging, writing pieces, studying my courses and also Korean but now I do feel like doing any of that anymore. I just feel drained and angry. Angry that corona is still here, that I’m not in school, that it’s taking so long. I should be heading to my 400 level in school now but I’m still in 200 cause last year was practically useless and just when I thought things were starting to look up this year, this happens.

I didn’t even realize this was taking so much of a toll on me till yesterday. While I was listening to Mikrokosmos on repeat, I suddenly started crying cause I’m so annoyed, frustrated and pissed at everything going on. I don’t know how to express it though but I just know that I’m not feeling my best. Hence, the reason I am taking this break.

I already have 3 posts scheduled for next week; a feature, a collab with Pavithra that I’m so excited about and my last post for the D-2 series🥺. After that, then my break begins.

I don’t know when it’ll end but hopefully before August ends. I will probably do a birthday week series or just a birthday post to fill y’all in on how my birthday goes.

I’m going to miss blogging so much but I have to prioritize my well being and like I said, I don’t want to feel stressed or forced to blog which is what it feels like right now. I never want to feel that way about blogging so that is the most reason why I have to pause for now.

I honestly can’t wait to be back! I will of course keep reading other blogs and keeping in touch my other blogger friends so y’all won’t miss me too much. Please anticipate this week’s posts and see you when I see you!🤍


12 replies on “I had to come clean…”

I can totally understand how you feel right now. I just hope this pandemic gets over as soon as possible. I’m feeling frustrated too because of online classes and that too is becoming useless now. Take your time and come back when you feel good.
We’ll be waiting!! Sending much love and healings to you 💜

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Omg , I can totally understand how you feel , please do take care of your mental well being , because health is ALWAYS first , I just discovered your blog and my little army heart can’t handle your awesomeness!! Take your time and take care 💜💜💜💜


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