Heyy everyone!

Happy New Month! Welcome to June💕

It’s Ib✨

Firstly, I want to apologize for my inactivity on this blog. It’s terrible, I know so I want to extend my apologies to you and to tell you how grateful I am that you click my link whenever it shows up🤍

With hope that I have been forgiven, I am excited to announce that The Bangtaniversary will be happening this year! The moment I have been waiting for since last year’s Bangtaniversary is finally here. I honestly thought I wouldn’t be able to do it this year but I don’t want to let myself down any longer plus it’s a new month so new spirit!

Mind you, I began planning for this on a very very short notice so it might not be as huge as last year but I put my heart to it so that’s all that matters.

For the sake of my new followers, ‘The Bangtaniversary’ is a 7-day event that celebrates the biggest band in the world, BTS. It runs from June 7th to June 13th, which is the anniversary of the group’s debut.

Last year, the posts ranged from Q/As, Games and Sharing our BTS Story. It was so much fun being able to interact with tons of Armys from around the world.

The schedule for The Bangtaniversary 22’

June 7th ~ Lyrical Interpretation of ‘Tomorrow’ by BTS

June 8th ~ Pride Month with BTS & ARMYs

June 9th ~ Lyrical Interpretation of ‘We are Bulletproof: The Eternal’ by BTS

June 10th ~ [REST] cause I’m only human

June 11th ~ Lyrical Interpretation of a song of YOUR choice

June 12th ~ Rating our self-made BTS wallpapers ft Lili

June 13th ~ Memorable Moments of Bangtan 21’/22’

I decided to do 3 lyrical interpretations cause I’ve noticed that both Armys and non-Armys usually enjoy those posts so I thought it would be nice to do those and the reason I chose those songs will be revealed in the posts. For June 11th, I will be choosing a random BTS song from the comments to interpret so if you have a song of your choice, please write the name in the comments.

Also on June 13th, I would be sharing my most memorable bangtan moments from June last year till now. If you have a favorite moment as well, you can write in the comments OR send it to my mail [] OR through my Contact page and I will add yours to the post.

I’m super super excited to be collaborating with Lili again! It’s been almost a year since she first featured on my blog during the ‘Dissecting D-2’ series where she interpreted the lyrics of Daechwita. I’m very very happy to have her on my blog again and this time for something very fun. We would be creating our own BTS wallpapers and having one person rate the other. Lili’s very creative so I can’t wait to see what she designs. I, on the other hand, have never made a wallpaper before😂

Since it’s Pride Month and also BTS’s anniversary, two very important things to me. I thought it’ll be nice to bring those two into one post and kind of celebrate them together.

This year’s Bangtaniversary has officially begun. I hope you enjoy!

What posts are you looking forward to the most? Were you here for last year’s Bangtaniversary or is this your first time?


9 replies on “THE BANGTANIVERSARY 22’”

YAY ITS BANGTANIVERSARY!!!! I’m super excited for the new song and album~~~It’s coming on my birthday *scream*!! I’m excited for your posts, I’ll try to reach out to you about the fave moments!

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Omggg your birthday is June 10th?? That’s so exciting!! Now you have two things to look forward to. I’m also very very excited, I can’t wait to hear the songs. Okayy, I’ll be looking forward to it!


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