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Happy Sunday ☀️! Hope everyone is doing great😁

As you probably know, I started blogging last year and I mentioned in Mistakes I made as a beginner blogger, I didn’t start interacting with other bloggers in the space till mid this year, I think around May. I featured tons of people last year though. Since the theme of Blogtober is “Highlights of 2021”, it won’t be perfect if we don’t review our collaborations and features, right?

And that is what we’ll be doing today! I’m happy doing this cause it made me look back and to see how much I’ve been growing month by month, week by week. Small growth is still growth everyone, remember that🤍

We’re starting withhhh


So I didn’t do a lot of collabs this year…yet! Cause like I mentioned earlier, I only started interacting in May. Then school happened, exams as well so I didn’t have time to plan a collab…at all but I look forward to doing more collabs with every single one of my blog friends so if y’all have any ideas we can try together then please contact me! Or if you want us to collaborate, then comment down below so we’ll brainstorm together😂

So my favorite collabs of 2021 areeeeee!!!

BTS ARMY Collab ft Pavithra!

I really enjoyed this collab! Pavithra made the featured image which is the cutest thing ever! I had so much fun answering the questions she sent me and our back and forth emails were just the cutest😂💜. I think we’re going to collab again real soonnn!

Make sure to check out her blog! It is amazingggg

5 Questions With Poorwa

Poorwa is one of the first bloggers I actually made friends with when I finally decided to start interacting with other blogs and she is the absolute sweetest! She’s also an Army which is a HUGE plus.

She is currently very occupied with school (I miss her🥺) so she kind of on a hiatus but do make sure to check out her blog!

I had so much fun answering these questions with her! We planned this collab for like a month😂 and I’m glad we finally did it. We’re doing this again, Poorwa! When you’re free, you know where to find me.


Now, moving on to favorite features!

My favorite features of 2021 areeeee

Dissecting D-2: Daechwita!

This is part of my Dissecting D-2 by Agust D series. Lili featured and she did an amazing job! I really really enjoyed reading her thoughts on the song. Daechwita is one of my personal favorites and Lili did justice to it. Thank you Liliiii💜💜💜

Seven Men and Their Deeds

I don’t know how many times I’ve talked about this post on my blog. Y’all must know by now that I’m emotionally attached to this post because I can relate so much to Monica’s piece. I really really love it!

Monica isn’t a blogger though but I think she’d do really well, don’t you think? She writes really well, I promise you. If you think Monica should start a blog, comment down below 😂

My Self Love Journey

This is my most recent feature, literally two days ago😂. I had the privilege of interviewing Olivia Lucie Blake. She spoke about her journey of self love and body positivity and I got positive feedback from you guys so I’m very thankful to her for agreeing to share her story.

I really really enjoyed reading through her answers 🤍

Aji Anje for President

This is also one of my favorite features. I personally enjoyed getting to know Aji and she’s not very different from what we see on our TikTok For You Pages. She’s fun and very charismatic and she handled the interview really well!

She talked about what it’s like being an influencer and yes, she might want to be the President of Nigeria one day😂😂


And that concludes today’s post! I really really enjoyed going back to read these posts. It was very interesting also seeing how I’ve grown as a blogger and a writer in these posts. Looking at how I handled the interview for Olivia and how different it was from Aji’s. There’s definitely growth there! Also my stats have improved which is great!

I think all bloggers need to do this once in a while. I should do another post for my Favorite blog series in 2021. I think y’all already know which one would top the list. Can you guess?😂

We have come to the end of today’s Blogtober post! Thank you for reading till the end and if you want to check our previous Blogtober posts, click HERE!

I love you! Byeeeee🤍


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