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“What’s Your Favorite Book” Pt. II

Hi guys Firstly, thank you for your kind comments and love on the first part of this post. I really appreciate it🤍 I was really excited about posting it so I’m glad you all liked it as much as I did. I couldn’t post everyone’s replies in one post because it would be quite lengthy, […]

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“What’s Your Favorite Book?”

This might be ONE OF my favorite posts ever! One of my goals this year is to get back into ✨BOOKS✨. I read everyday now, both hardcopy and ebooks, and it has been amazing. I look forward to my quiet time where it’s just my book and I. I have learnt so much in the […]


Busy Mind (written by an overthinker)

There she goes Always in busy mode Some days, I wish she could take a rest In my skull, her fragile nest She has too many thoughts That often ache to the core I want to cradle my mind and say it’s okay You don’t have to work all day Because one thing she’s oblivious […]


The Stranger That Didn’t Leave Me Lonely

Different day, same pattern Constant yelling till I was sure my eardrums would burst Why can I never do anything right? My feet moved on their own My thoughts was too clustered to think of a destination That’s when I felt the droplets Oh it’s raining. I ran to the nearest bus stop and sat […]

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A Writer’s Thought Process Ft Zia

Hey hey heyyyy I’m very excited about today’s post because it’s been a HOT while since I featured or interviewed someone and our guest is someone I’m well acquainted with, she’s a borabestie so of course I’m excited to have her on! Let’s begin, shall we? Do you mind introducing yourself? Hi hi. I’m Zia. […]

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Blogmas D’14: Sides to me (a writing)

Y’all need to realize that there are many sides to one person. The version of me you see today might not be the version you’ll meet tomorrow because my today isn’t going to be same as my tomorrow but any side of me I decide to reveal is still me. Ib is an ARMY who […]

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Hey guysss! It’s Fridayyyyy ✨ Hope everyone had an amazing week! Mine was very relaxed. I’m trying to get as much rest as I can after my exams. I’m being treated for malaria cause I started showing symptoms but I’ll be alright. How was your week? I’d like to know in the comments!🤍 So I […]

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Seven Men and their Deeds✨

Heyyy everyoneee! Today I am very very excited to share this post with you! I think y’all will be truly blown away by our guest today. She is amazingggggggg She will be sharing with us a beautiful piece that she wrote titled, “Seven Men and their deeds”. I’m so honored to be able to share […]

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Hey guysssss!!! It’s Ib!!!! *Everyone screams* *I join in* Honestly, I’m so grateful to you guys! For the likes, the comments, the repostings, the compliments…ahhhh y’all are too much! Last week was good, I guess. I’m Bastille in his latest song, “Survivin’” But yeah, basically that’s me and 80% of the world right now. Don’t […]

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Heyyyy It’s Ib. How have you been? How’s home? And for those of you that have started going out (not me🙂), how’s outside? This post, I have a feeling, will be one of my favourite posts. Why? Because I loveeee telling stories. So sit back and relax cause It’s storytime!!!! The journey of my journalling […]