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Hey guysss! It’s Fridayyyyy ✨ Hope everyone had an amazing week! Mine was very relaxed. I’m trying to get as much rest as I can after my exams. I’m being treated for malaria cause I started showing symptoms but I’ll be alright. How was your week? I’d like to know in the comments!🤍 So I […]

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Seven Men and their Deeds✨

Heyyy everyoneee! Today I am very very excited to share this post with you! I think y’all will be truly blown away by our guest today. She is amazingggggggg She will be sharing with us a beautiful piece that she wrote titled, “Seven Men and their deeds”. I’m so honored to be able to share […]

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Hey guysssss!!! It’s Ib!!!! *Everyone screams* *I join in* Honestly, I’m so grateful to you guys! For the likes, the comments, the repostings, the compliments…ahhhh y’all are too much! Last week was good, I guess. I’m Bastille in his latest song, “Survivin’” But yeah, basically that’s me and 80% of the world right now. Don’t […]

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Heyyyy It’s Ib. How have you been? How’s home? And for those of you that have started going out (not me🙂), how’s outside? This post, I have a feeling, will be one of my favourite posts. Why? Because I loveeee telling stories. So sit back and relax cause It’s storytime!!!! The journey of my journalling […]