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Blogmas D’14: Sides to me (a writing)

Y’all need to realize that there are many sides to one person. The version of me you see today might not be the version you’ll meet tomorrow because my today isn’t going to be same as my tomorrow but any side of me I decide to reveal is still me.

Ib is an ARMY who loves BTS with all her heart but Ib is also a student of Unilag who is worried about strike

Ib is constantly babied by her friends who are mostly older than her and Ib is still the first born child who commands respect from her siblings

Ib likes girls and Ib also likes guys

Ib wakes up by 5am to go to work and Ib is blogger who squeezes out of her free time to draft out as many blog posts as she can

Ib is one of the nicest most tolerative persons on earth and Ib is also very mean and petty

Ib wants to attend a BTS concert meanwhile Ib doesn’t like crowdy places and is a huge introvert

Ib laughs and jokes a lot and Ib cries almost everyday

Ib is an amazing person who likes to be there for everyone but this same Ib sometimes wants to tell you to shut up

Ib wants to go to school, Ib wants to drop out

Some days Ib ignores everyone on the road and plugs in her earphones and some days Ib smiles and greets every stranger she meets

I’m Ib, Ib is me

Judging someone by an experience you had or a one sided story you heard is the most hypocritical thing almost all humans are guilty off. You meet me in a happy mood today and go tell your friends that Ib is so sweetttt! Another person meets me on a bad day and concludes that I’m a rude person. You see me post BTS 24/7 and think this girl must not have any other worries in life than meeting 7 men from SK but you couldn’t be more wrong.

Everyone should just try to be less judgmental and You, stop being hard on yourself cause of others. You’re welcome

Love You and Borahae to my respective readers

This was something I wrote last month. I realized I didn’t share it here so I thought I should. For anyone who feels misunderstood or judged most of the time, don’t be. Embrace every part of you because that is still you and you are perfect even in your imperfections.

I want us to go into the new year with this mindset, okay?

Love you all! Thank you for reading🤍

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11 replies on “Blogmas D’14: Sides to me (a writing)”

Awww Ib, this post is soo sweet, I loved reading all your sides and getting to know you better! And you’re so right, we shoudn’t judge someone by knowing only one side of them or their life and conclude that they are this and that. You never know what’s going on in their life and what is the reason behind them behaving the way they are. This post was sooo amazing, and also teaches us so many things!💫

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This was a lovely post, Ib! And very true. We should definitely embrace every part of ourselves. We don’t realise that we change ourselves because of others. That isn’t right. Thank you for sharing this!

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i’ve made a comment on this to you before through text but i’ll say this again, this was so wonderfully written!!✨ and well said as well. sometimes i catch myself assuming things about others when it shouldn’t be. definitely saving this post somewhere (idk where but somewhere 😂) so that it can be my reminder.

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