The Stranger That Didn’t Leave Me Lonely

Different day, same pattern

Constant yelling till I was sure my eardrums would burst

Why can I never do anything right?

My feet moved on their own

My thoughts was too clustered to think of a destination

That’s when I felt the droplets

Oh it’s raining.

I ran to the nearest bus stop and sat on the bench, brushing away as much droplets as I could

That’s when he came

The stranger also fleeing from the rain, sat beside me

His phone played serene music while his eyes stayed fixed on the rain

He never acknowledged me so why did I feel like he did?

I watched the clouds, lips moving in sync with each lyrics

Quite a coincidence, this stranger played only songs I knew

Some songs felt like a confession, some a declaration

Who was this stranger speaking to and why did he share the same feelings as me?

These were my thoughts as my head bopped to the soft tunes

My eyes followed two butterflies playing in the rain

They moved with the freedom of the world blowing through their wings, no worries in mind

I wished to be like those butterflies

Did this stranger wish the same?

I thought as my eyes moved slightly to glance at him

He too, like me, had fixed eyes on the butterflies who finally decided it was time to take cover

The rain finally seized, droplets fell in rhythm from the hanging leaves

Birds chirping tentatively almost like they weren’t sure if the rain had really stopped

Closing my eyes, I inhaled the cool air and exhaled slowly while building up my courage

I turned to face the stranger but he was already ten feet away from me

Disappointed that my feelings were only mine, I sighed and look away from his back

Not before catching something bright where he had sat

I picked up the colored note and smiled widely at the quick scribbles on them.

“Thank you for being the stranger that didn’t leave me lonely”

No, I didn’t meet a stranger in the rain. Or maybe I did.

This was inspired by a series of events that happened recently.

I guess this is my way of expressing the way I’ve been feeling. Mmhmm

Oh and a guy did play songs in the rain but that was in May.

I didn’t have a major post so I thought of sharing this instead. I hope you enjoyed it!


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