The Stranger That Didn’t Leave Me Lonely

Different day, same pattern Constant yelling till I was sure my eardrums would burst Why can I never do anything right? My feet moved on their own My thoughts was too clustered to think of a destination That’s when I felt the droplets Oh it’s raining. I ran to the nearest bus stop and sat […]

Feature Writings

A Writer’s Thought Process Ft Zia

Hey hey heyyyy I’m very excited about today’s post because it’s been a HOT while since I featured or interviewed someone and our guest is someone I’m well acquainted with, she’s a borabestie so of course I’m excited to have her on! Let’s begin, shall we? Do you mind introducing yourself? Hi hi. I’m Zia. […]

Blogmas Writings

Blogmas D’14: Sides to me (a writing)

Y’all need to realize that there are many sides to one person. The version of me you see today might not be the version you’ll meet tomorrow because my today isn’t going to be same as my tomorrow but any side of me I decide to reveal is still me. Ib is an ARMY who […]