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Hey guysss!

It’s Fridayyyyy ✨

Hope everyone had an amazing week! Mine was very relaxed. I’m trying to get as much rest as I can after my exams. I’m being treated for malaria cause I started showing symptoms but I’ll be alright. How was your week? I’d like to know in the comments!🤍

So I realized that I had never displayed any of my writings on here. I don’t know why, guess it never came to me🤷🏽‍♀️ and that is why I decided to share one of them with you today.

I wrote this a while back but edited it again this week. I hope you guys like it!



Late afternoon, after I got the news,

I said, “How?”

Many would be happy,

But I thought, “How?”

I looked up to the Heavens

And I cried, “How?”

How do I raise my child in a world full of hate?

How do I tell her that making a public statement about her identity, makes it a case?

How do I tell her that the reward for hardwork is more of condemnation, not praise?

That speaking up against what’s wrong, makes her a snowflake

That women can’t walk around freely, because we’re afraid

To be raped

And then disgraced

That the color of her skin, is the reason she doesn’t have a say

How do I tell her that because she’s female, she gets a lesser pay?

That it’s hard to make friends because everyone’s fake

That social media, would make her hide her face

That the phrase “brother’s keeper”, doesn’t apply in this place

That the world we live in, is truly vain

And that living, is only by God’s grace


~ Ib


That is it guys!

I guess I was in my feelings thinking about my future kids especially my daughters (if I give birth to girls), how would the world be then? Would it still be the same as now? And how would I teach them not to let the world pull them down just because they are females?

I guess we’ll never know until then😂💀

Anyways guys, I hope you like it! Please let me know what your thoughts are in the comments. I’d really really love to read them🤍

Also, a few of my blog friends and I are coming up with something amazing! We’re excited for this so I hope you all would be too!

(Hint: 💜)

Okay, I have to go before I spoil anything 😂. Byeeeeee✨


16 replies on “HOW?”

You’re showing symptoms of malaria? Oh nooo I hope you don’t have it. My sister was showing symptoms for dengue but then she didn’t have it, and you’re like an elder sister to me, so I hope you won’t have it either 🥺💜 Take care of yourself Ib!
I absolutely love your piece! I’m currently doing a school project on Women Empowerment and this is exactly all that I researched but put into better words! You’re so great at thiss <33
It's sad how women are an important part of the world but are taken granted for, and have so many restrictions. I hope the world realises this and works on it, and it changes 😭

OML THAT HINT NOOOO 😭 It's way too straight forward 👀

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I’m already taking tablets so I probably won’t have it🥺 thank you so much!!! Thanks to BTS for giving me a caring sister🥺💜
Awwnn thank you! You’re so right!! Women are so important in this world, I don’t know why we settle for less😭. I hope it changes too💖

Ah, it is??😂😂😂 I tried

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Get well soon Ib and take rest!!! And such an amazing piece you wrote, women are indeed so important for this world but we still feel so insecure.
And I’m extremely sorry, I missed so many of your posts. I’ll catch up with all of them asap, I promise! Borahae! Fighting!

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Ah, that’s completely fine. Take your time!✨💜 Also, thank you very much. I’m trying to rest as much as I can.
Yeah, women definitely should be treated better in this world🥺🤍

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