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Dear reader,

Thank you for clicking my link, thank you for coming back again and again and thank you for sharing. You don’t how much these little actions of yours mean to me.

I never intend for blogging to feel like work but on days that it does and I feel like quitting, your dms and reminders literally keep me going.

I can’t begin to list the amount of gains I’ve gotten from starting this blog and still continuing and it’s all thanks to you. The times you compliment me/my blog remain in my head always. I’m really grateful!

I’m grateful for my parents! My dad is the sweetest man in the world and he always encourages me and gives me tips and ideas on what to blog about and even though sometimes I’m like, “That’s not what people my age want to read”. He still encourages me and says, “You don’t have to do that, I’m just saying”. My mum, although she doesn’t quite understand it, still encourages me.

My sister would always say, “Send me the link immediately you post so I’ll share!”. My brother’s in boarding school but everytime he comes home, he’s like, “I read all the posts you published in school and I like them all”

My friends who always dm me asking when next I would post, giving me ideas, asking to feature, complimenting my blog.

My blogger friends, Poorwa, Maggie, Dera etc, you make this space super fun. I look forward to your posts. You all inspire me, thank you!

My featured guests, thank you for bearing with me. It was so much fun getting to work with all of you, some twice even thrice. Thank you for always showing up and I look forward to making more memories with you!

To my readers who I don’t know, I’m really grateful for your support. I really wish I could know you all but all WordPress shows are the numbers except you’re also a blogger.

There is this one “Sebastian”, they’re literally always the first to read and like my post. Like immediately I publish, I just get the notification that “Sebastian liked your post”. Thank you, Seb!🤍

I’m super grateful for all of you that keep pushing me to do better. I hope we continue to see many more milestones together!🤗

I’ve got to go clean my tears😂

Love, Ib

P.S: Do write me back here, if you please😁


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