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Blogmas D’21: Friendship Test ft Mimi

Hey hey heyyyy

Day 20 of Blogmas and I’m back with an interesting post I think y’all might enjoy!

So I have my friend here with me today. It’s been a while since I had a non-blogger feature on my blog soooo I thought it’d be fun to do a friendship test. With us here today is Mimiiii! She’s my main bish 🤩💜and someone I became close with in a short time so I just want to see how well I can say this friendship is going😂

Introducing my gurl, Mimi!

Hi guys, your fav sexy hoe(mmhmm) has arrived! My name is Mimi and I have come to grace you all with my presence. ☺️

Before Mimi embarrassed me further, let the test begin!

1. How introverted am I?

Very. You like your house

That. That I do

2. Do I believe in ghosts?

You don’t look like someone who is.👀👀👀

I don’t, I think😂

3. Am I more of a morning or night person?

Night. Most definitely night.

I hate waking up in the morning, dear me

4. Who’s my bias(s) in BTS?

Hoseokie and/or Jiminie (please leave my baby daddies alone)

Yurrr!!! 💅🏽 I don’t know who your baby daddies are sweetie😂

5. What are my pet peeves?

I might not know much. But I do know you despise being ignored from someone you put on a high pedestal.

Yes I do🥺 like give me the same energy I give you bro!

I also don’t like repeating myself or people being in my personal space

6. What are my favorite colors?

Purple. ( you can’t say you don’t like purple when its not ment.)

I love purpleeee! Even before I got to know BTS. I also love black

7. What is my favorite chocolate?

Maltesers. Please you can die for Maltesers.

I can…not die for Maltesers😂 but I really love it

8. What am I really bad at?

Idk for now. But I will know😭🤚

Just admit that I’m good at everything

9. Which is my favorite season?

It has to be winter. Because you are in Nigeria and every season comes with hot skin melting sun🙄🤚

😂😂😂 I don’t know

10. Which movie genre do I watch the most?

Anything that is not horror. Probably comedy or dramas or romance. Maybe action.

Yeah, I hate horror! I can watch some though but I prefer not to

11. If I could meet anyone right now, who would it be?


Yes pleaseeee 😭

12. Which things are most of the time roaming in my mind?


😂😂 definitely

13. What is one thing I would want as a birthday gift?

Anything BTS related

You’re right. I would love that😂💜

14. The name of the book which I last read?

Ben Carson book. Don’t stress me.

Think big 😂

15. What do I admire most about you?

What’s there to admire to admire about me? But you’ve called me pretty before so there that I guess.

You are so prettyyy!😭 but no, I admire your caring side. You care for your friends a lot.

16. What is my dream job?

Being a staff at BigHit

No truer words have ever been spoken 😭

Please BigHit, I can be your gym window cleaner

17. Favorite song?

Ddaeng. I think.

It’s hard to pick but Ddaeng is definitely Top 10!

18. What are 3 habits I have?

Idk really know how to put this but

• you watch hobi related posts when your sad.

•You check up on people.

• And you call eyitayo almost every other night🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄.

These aren’t your habits but they are things you do.

Yeah, Hobi brightens my darkest moments 🥺, I love checking on my friends and no, I don’t call Eyitayo every night😂

19. What do I find attractive in people when I first see them?

Idk. 😭😭😭😭 Hands but that might just prolly be my hand kink talking.😭🤚

Mimi has a hand fetish y’all! 😂

No, I’m attracted to beautiful hair. Most of the friends I’ve made, the first thing I told them is, “I love your hair”

20. Do you think I’m amazing?

Yes. You are more than amazing actually.

Ayyy as I should 🤩 thank you boo💜

I think Mimi did really well, don’t you think? We’ve been friends for less than a year and look at her reading my mind! Proud of you Mimi😂 , Jimin is proud of you.

Alright that concludes today’s post!

Since you’ve gotten to know a bit more about me, why don’t you tell me what your favorite color is and what’s the first thing you notice in someone when you see them? Let’s chat in the comments!

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6 replies on “Blogmas D’21: Friendship Test ft Mimi”

Hehehe. What a nice post, your friend did a really nice job!😁

My fav colour is yellow, ’cause it’s a really cheerful colour (like me!) 😁🌞🌟
I think the first thing I notice in someone is their face. Pretty face, ugly face. Just their face. And then their dressing and other things.

Keep up da gud work, IB! 👍🏾

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