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Blogmas D’19: 19 Things I’m grateful for

Hey everyoneee!

Hope everyone’s doing good.

It’s getting a bit colder these days for most of us right? Right now, harmattan is hitting HARD and the weather is cold and super dry. A lot of my friends are down with cold, cough, sore throat, body pains, basically we’re down with the weather. I feel much better now but my throat is still kind of sore so I’m drinking lots of water, wearing my masks and trying to stay healthy. I hope you are too!

So today is the 19th day of Blogmas so I will be sharing 19 things I’m grateful for right now. This is more of a reflection cause I think as humans we tend to take a lot of things for granted as we live so this is me kind of sitting down and really looking around me, within me to appreciate the little things.

19 Things I’m grateful for:

🎄I’m grateful for God cause He’s literally the reason I live, the reason for all the other 18 things I’m going to mention

🎄 I’m grateful for my family🤍. Words can describe them

🎄 I’m grateful that I have ears to be able to listen to people, to music, to the rain, to the sounds around me✨

🎄 I’m grateful that I didn’t lose any of my family and friends this year

🎄 I’m grateful for the friends I had cause they taught me quite a bunch of lessons.

🎄 I’m grateful for the friends I made this year💜

🎄 I’m grateful for BTS ♾💜. A constant source of serotonin every single day.

🎄 I’m grateful for the Armys that truly love BTS 💜🤍

🎄I’m grateful for the grades I got this year. Some of them sucked but I’m still grateful I can go to school.

🎄I’m grateful for food and water. I can’t imagine a life without those.

🎄I’m grateful for my blog. It’s a privilege to have a platform to do what makes you happy.

🎄I’m grateful for my blog community. You guys keep me going, I never take any of your interactions for granted. I really appreciate and love you all🤍

🎄I’m grateful for the memories I was able to make this year, both good and bad.

🎄I’m grateful for good health. I was sick, I think thrice this year💀 but I’m okay, standing and happy. Not a lot of people get to say that.

🎄I’m grateful for Christmas! For the birth of Jesus, for carols, gifts, love, all of it.

🎄I’m grateful for good music. Music is life 🎶

🎄I’m grateful for me. For pulling through everything this year and remaining who I am.

🎄I’m grateful that I’m about to enter a new year with the people I love.

🎄I’m grateful for life cause only the living can lists the number of things they’re grateful for.

Adding one last one,

🎄 I’m grateful for YOU!

These are some of the things I’m grateful for this year

What are you grateful for? Let’s talk in the comments!

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9 replies on “Blogmas D’19: 19 Things I’m grateful for”

Hope you keep getting better🌹
I’m greatful for God and my family and friends too🙏🏼. Girlll, so many people have lost their family members this year and the fact that we still have all of ours can only be God🙏🏼.
This is an amazing post💜

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aw stay safe ib!!
those things are small wishes, proves how humble you are! and i love that side of youu <33
i love having these small interactions over the internet with you 💜💜
keep goinggg love yaa

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