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Helloooo?!?! Anyone still here?!

It’s been just a week but it feels like it’s been a whileeeeee mainly cause I’ve been super busy, plus feel the days have been dragging by. I mean, how the hell are we just entering March. Happy New Month by the way! But seriously, February felt like 3 months. Urghhhhh

A lot has been going on these past two weeks and will probably continue to go on till April. I’ve felt a lot of frustration, anger, joy, sadness, I’ve cried while laughing and laughed while crying and it’s mainly because of the failed educational system in this country but we’re not going to get into that today cause I’m not trying to bring down the mood.

Infact, my mood has been so down that I came up with this post mainly to uplift myself and anyone else who could be going through a hard time right now and I’m sure that’s most of us so I hope this post is able to make you smile at least, if not laugh.

Let’s get right into it!

So I selected 10 of some of Milton Berle’s best jokes and we get to rate them today! I figured we all need a little joke or two so…. I was thinking we should rate it Very Funny, Funny and Not Funny. I think “Funny” is a very relative word cause what might seem funny to me might not be funny to my friend so please don’t demand my head on a platter for some of my ratings😂. You guys are obviously free to rate as well. You can rate with yourself or decide to share your ratings in the comments section below but it’s fine if you don’t want to share it though so if Milton Berle sees this, he’ll sue me alone👀.

To be honest, I’m in a “No Nonsense” mood today so I feel like I’m going to be rating these jokes with my chest! Like I’m not even going to waste time or feel unsure, I’m just going to RATE!

1. You French have this strange habit of kissing a woman’s hand when you meet her. Why?” “Well, mon ami, you have to start somewhere

RATE: I’m going to rate this Funny just cause I got the joke but I didn’t laugh so it’s not very funny but I did smile 😉

2. I always dump friends who do me a favor and then say, “Hey, what are friends for?”

RATE: 😂😂😂 Cause the friend is going to be expecting something back, yeah? I’m rating this Funny cause it didn’t exactly make me laugh. Honestly, it could just be me cause I’m not in a great mood right now so my mind mightn’t be opening up to these jokes.

3. While out of town, a man gets a call from a mortician. The man’s wife has died and the mortician wants to know what his orders are. “Shall I embalm, bury or cremate her?”. The man says, “All three. Let’s not take any chances”.

RATE: I’m going with a VERY FUNNY just cause I didn’t expect that😂. He said let’s not take any chances!

4. I spent two years teaching my dog how to sit. Now, he forgot how to stand.

RATE: Is this even funny? I mean, how is that even possible? Like the dog doesn’t know he has to move to get his food?😂. Dogs don’t joke with mealtime, I have a dog so I can testify to that. Bro be climbing the kitchen window so we remember that he hasn’t eaten, but maybe the owner goes to give him in the exact position. I trained my dog that whenever he sees us with his meal, he has to go to his kennel, sit there and shake our hands as a sign of gratitude for preparing the food before we give him😂. Anyways, NOT FUNNY!

5. Want to know what mixed emotions are? A state of mind occasioned by seeing your mother in law drive off a cliff in your new car.

RATE: He’s happy the mother-in-law is going down the cliff but he’s sad cause of his new car😂. Mothers-in-law receive a lot of hate, I mean, that’s someone’s mother as well😂😂. I rate that a FUNNY I guess.

6. After delivering a woman’s tenth child, the doctor took the husband aside and said, “Next time you feel like propagating, you might ask yourself if you can support another child”. “Doc”, said the husband, “when I feel like propagating, I feel like I could support the whole state of Georgia!”

RATE: I’m not sure I know how to rate this. It’s between Funny and Very Funny. It’s not so funny to me right now but I feel like if I was in the scene, I would’ve burst into laughter. I’m quite confused. You know what? I’m going with my guts which is telling me to go with……


7. This actor was well known for being a great dresser. His suits were of fine Italian silk and handmade. Unfortunately, he never paid his tailor. Another actor asked the actor why he extended credit to the deadbeat. The tailor said, “He must have money. Look at the way he dresses”.

RATE: That tailor is so dumb! WTH! Howww😂😂😂. I’m going with Funny cause I’m angry at the tailor for being so dumb😂.

8. While she was doing a crossword puzzle, a woman asked her husband the word for a female sheep. He said, “Ewe”. He’ll be out of the hospital on Monday.

RATE: 💀💀💀💀 cause the pronunciation of “ewe” is similar to “you”. That was FUNNY

9. A businessman drops in on a friend and asks about the state of the friend’s business. The friend says, “Business is awful. I don’t think I can make it through the year. I may have to sell this house, car, everything”. The businessman leaves a little later. The wife of the friend says, “Why did you tell him you were in such a bad shape?”. The friend replied, “Look, does it hurt to make him happy for a couple of minutes”.

RATE: I found this amusing but definitely not very funny so…

10. Fred takes a physical test. The doctor examines the reports and says, “You have the highest cholesterol level I’ve ever seen”. Fred says, “How high is it?” The doctor drags him to the window, “See that oat field there?” “Sure” “Well, bon appétit”

RATE: Hmmmmm I’m not sure about this one.

To be honest, I think most of the jokes are more on the intellectual side…To see if you’re smart. Cause the jokes are well thought of, like if you don’t think, you mightn’t get it but then it’s not like funny funny to get you rolling on the ground but then again, it could just be me.

Anyways, that’s it guys! I really really hope you enjoyed this post and you were able to smile at least. I’m sorry if the mood is a little down, please bear with me😂🤲🏽.

Guess that’s it! Love you guys so muchhhh and see you probably in April when I’m done with my exams. Adios! 🤍

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