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Midnight Shenanigans…

Hey guysss

It’s currently 1am. I know I should be asleep but for some reason I can’t fall asleep but I probably will after writing this post.

So I was thinking of what to do with myself since I can’t sleep then I decided to read posts by my blog buddies that I had missed during the week. While I was doing that, I came across Rae’s post where she shared 5 aesthetic photos that she designed. Click here to read the post!

So I got bored and decided to edit the aesthetic photos she edited. Editing an edit, so original of you Ib. I’m listening to my BTS playlist right now so here are the edits I made:

Yeah basically, that’s what I did…

I’m not really good at editing, like at all😂 and I didn’t imagine I would actually publish this post but here we are.

Please let me know what you think in the comments while I go sleep😂. Goodnight everyoneeee🤍🤍🤍


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