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Boca by Dreamcatcher| Magic Carpet Ride by NCT127| I think I kinda, you know by Olivia Rodrigo, Joshua Bassett

Please why is the title so long?😭

I’ve decided to make them 3/4!songs per post so that I’ll be able to cover all the songs you recommended before December so it doesn’t mess with Blogmas (yurrrrr, that’s happening!) so bear with my long titles!🤓

Today, I’ll be reacting to songs by Dreamcatcher (I’ve never heard of them but it’s a cool name), NCT127 (heard of them but not any of their songs), Olivia Rodrigo and Joshua Bassett (if you haven’t heard of this two by now, you’re probably not alive)

Beginning with Boca by Dreamcatcher, let’s get it?

Boca by Dreamcatcher

Not gonna lie, I thought Dreamcatcher was the name of a guy but it’s a girl group. I mean, it sounds like something a guy would name himself like Marshmallow or DJ Snake or maybe it’s just me😂. Anyways, let’s begin!


Ouuuu I like the beginning. It’s giving sexy rockstar girl group? I like the dark theme

I’m loving the beattttt! And they’re so pretty. How many are they? 6? I really love the theme of the MV.

Their voices are lovely! Clear distinction but blending very well.

I love it love it love it! I was enjoying the music video so much that I forgot I should be reacting to the song 😂

Shall I spam y’all with ss from the MV cause they’re so pretty!?!

I think y’all can tell how much I love the song! It’s really niceee. I’m going to listen again for a few more times before moving to the next song.

Giving this a 10/10 cause I have nothing to complain about. Thank you to whoever recommended this song, I suddenly can’t find the comment and I forgot my blog book💀! I really enjoyed it.

Magic Carpet Ride by NCT127

Okay so this song doesn’t have a music video🥺 and when I’m reacting to a song for the first time, especially if this is my first time listening to these artists, I like to see all of them so I can attribute their voices to their faces but it’s fine… Okay shall we?


Hmmm a slow song?

Awwnnn it’s giving dancing in the moonlight vibes with fireflies flying around you. It’s also sounding like a sweet love song. You can play this at a wedding when the couples are dancing

But why did they use just one guy’s face? They sound like they’re about 7 or 8…

Rating this a 5 cause the song is nice. Thank you Poorwa for recommending this song!

I think I kinda you know by Olivia Rodrigo and Joshua Bassett

Okay so I saw two versions of this song, the original and the acoustic version. I don’t know if they sang the original but I see Olivia and Joshua in the thumbnail of the acoustic version so we’re going to react to that one. Okay? Let’s get it?


Awwnn stop the song is cuteee. This is from a show on Disney, yeah?

Olivia’s voice is beautiful ✨. I spoke about Joshua’s voice in the previous post, I like it.

The song is very cute. It’s giving Disney

I mean duh, it’s a Disney show…

I really enjoyed the song but it’s not something I’ll listen to again and again so maybe a 7? The song is really nice tho but not my type.

Thank you Shiny for recommending this song!!!

Those are the 3 songs we’re reacting to for today! My favorite out of the 3 is BOCA!

I hope you enjoyed this post. If you’ve listened to any of these songs, do let me know what you think in the comments.

Also, thank you to everyone who mailed/texted me to check on my health. I’m feeling much better now and I’m sure I’ll be good in no time. Love y’all, thank you!!🤍🤍


8 replies on “Boca by Dreamcatcher| Magic Carpet Ride by NCT127| I think I kinda, you know by Olivia Rodrigo, Joshua Bassett”

Dreamcatcher hun, I’ll make sure to listen to the song, it seems beautiful 😍 Magic carpet ride is one of my favs because of the calm vibes it gives, but girl u should’ve watched a lyric video u know 😂 there are 11 songs in their new album and each member has his picture individually on a total of 9 songs 😄 I just thought u were confused about it😂


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