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It’s your birthday🥺 To be honest, I’m filled with lots of emotions because this last week hasn’t exactly been the best but looking forward to this … DEAR KIM TAEHYUNG, Please wish and show Tae lots of love today. Thank you!❤️


A Much needed Break

Hey guys I hope everyone had a splendid Christmas. So you may or may not have been expecting it but I will be taking a break from blogging but I will be back soon, hopefully… I’m just not in the right state of mind right now. Blogmas kind of took a toll so I’ll need […]

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Blogmas D’25: Merry Christmas!

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONEE!!!🎄🌟✨🤍❤️💚 Omg omg omg! I’m so excited! We have finally come to the end of the 25 Days of Blogmas. I can’t believe I did it, yay😂 Click here to read previous Blogmas posts This post is a really short one cause I think most of us would be too occupied or excited […]

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Blogmas D’24: Christmas Bucket List Review

Hey hey heyyyy Merry Christmas Eve everyone! 🎄✨🤍🎶🌟 Everyone is getting ready for the Christmas celebrations. It’s just amazing to watch! We’re welcoming a few visitors this year since well…Covid is still a thing so we’re still trying to be cautious even while celebrating so I advice you to also. I have a really short […]

Blogmas Christmas

Blogmas D’23: Blogmas Ideas that didn’t make the cut

Hey everyoneee! I’m so stoked to have made it this far omg. Honestly, I didn’t think I would be able to complete Blogmas but it looks like I might hehe. So of course when planning to participate in Blogmas, one of the first things bloggers do is make a list of ideas to write about. […]

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Blogmas D’22: Roundup of 2021✨📆

Hey everyoneeee! We have 3 more days to Christmas omg!🤩 I don’t have anything exciting planned for Christmas tbh but I’m just excited for it. 😂 We’re getting closer to Christmas which also means we’re getting closer to New Year! Now, that I can’t wait for. So I’m doing a kind of review kind of […]

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Blogmas D’21: Friendship Test ft Mimi

Hey hey heyyyy Day 20 of Blogmas and I’m back with an interesting post I think y’all might enjoy! So I have my friend here with me today. It’s been a while since I had a non-blogger feature on my blog soooo I thought it’d be fun to do a friendship test. With us here […]

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Blogmas D’20: Christmas Choir Carol Photo Dump

Hey everyoneee! Yesterday was my church’s choir Christmas Carol and it was so interesting. Their voices are so amazing and everything was just beautiful so I thought I’d show you guys! Just a cute little photo dump! These were a few photos I took of the event. It was so much fun! Click here to […]

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Blogmas D’19: 19 Things I’m grateful for

Hey everyoneee! Hope everyone’s doing good. It’s getting a bit colder these days for most of us right? Right now, harmattan is hitting HARD and the weather is cold and super dry. A lot of my friends are down with cold, cough, sore throat, body pains, basically we’re down with the weather. I feel much […]

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Blogmas D’18: Secret Santa Mails

Hey everyoneee! Today I planned something very sweet and I hope everyone plays along cause I think it’d be really cute🥺 So basically we’re going to surprise one of my friends (blogger or not) with a mail. It really doesn’t have to be anything serious, doesn’t have to be long either. Just something sweet🥺 I […]