A Much needed Break

Hey guys

I hope everyone had a splendid Christmas.

So you may or may not have been expecting it but I will be taking a break from blogging but I will be back soon, hopefully…

I’m just not in the right state of mind right now.

Blogmas kind of took a toll so I’ll need sometime to recuperate and come back with fresh ideas for the new year which is proving very difficult right now because I lost a family member and right now, 3 of BTS members have Covid even though they’re all fully vaccinated (which you probably know by now) and if you know me, you also know how important these men are to me so I’m really not at my best to create new content right now.

I wish this year could end differently but there are things completely out of our control so I ask that you please understand and if you pray, please pray the boys recover quickly and smoothly.

Thank you so much for understanding.

My Blogiversary is soon. I don’t know if I will celebrate it or not but if I don’t, I guess this is where I say Happy New Year🌟🤍.

Thank you for being a part of my 2021 and I hope we make more memories moving forward. Love you all, thank you 🤍


8 replies on “A Much needed Break”

im so sorry for your loss :<
ahh i hope namjoon, jin and yoongi get well soon! dont worry, everything will be okay!
i will miss you sooo muchhh guhjkl dont be gone for too long IB! 💜
love youu take care and stay safeee

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I hope that despite your loss you can still enjoy some of your time off. ❤ I'm very sorry for your loss and I'm sending hugs your way! I really hope NamYoonJin will be healthy soon and I'm crossing my fingers for them every day. Take care, Ib and stay healthy and safe! Everything will work out somehow. We just gotta believe it! Borahae! 💜

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I hope you have a peaceful break, Ib!
I am sorry you lost someone. I don’t know what else to say but those empty words. Sorry. *hugs*
Take loads of rest and don’t stress!
We’ll be waiting for you whenever you come back!

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