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Blogmas D’23: Blogmas Ideas that didn’t make the cut

Hey everyoneee!

I’m so stoked to have made it this far omg.

Honestly, I didn’t think I would be able to complete Blogmas but it looks like I might hehe.

So of course when planning to participate in Blogmas, one of the first things bloggers do is make a list of ideas to write about. Some bloggers end up writing on most of the ideas while most of us actually end up coming up with “better” ideas along the line then some of the ideas we came up with at the beginning don’t end up being published.

Today, I will be sharing with you the ideas I came up with at the beginning of preparing for blogmas that didn’t make it to the publishing stage.

🎄 Supporting Small businesses

I planned to do a post supporting small businesses around me/gift ideas for Christmas but the options I had were limited so I couldn’t follow through but I hope to do this next year!

🎄 Christmas in my home

I planned to show you the Christmas decorations in my home but I’ve been in school since Blogmas began, I only went home for two days and I forgot to take good pictures of the decorations. Today is actually the day I’m going home so this isn’t possible anymore. Maybe next year?

🎄 2nd Year Blogiversay

I don’t know why I planned to celebrate this during Blogmas when it’s on the 31st. Maybe I planned to extend the Blogmas to 31 Days? I don’t got the willpower please 😭

🎄 Reviewing my 2021 New Year Manifestations

So earlier this year, I wrote down a few manifestations for the year and I planned to review them but the book I wrote them in is at home so 💀

🎄 My Christmas Presents

This is also not possible since most of the presents come on Christmas Day itself so… I got a ring from my mum by the way

🎄 Your Favorite Posts of 2021

I didn’t follow through with this since I already did the 2021 Roundup so I felt doing this again would be kind of repetitive.

Other than these, all other ideas were published and enjoyed by you all, thank you very much!😌

This year’s Blogmas is so much fun! I’m glad I decided to participate.

Are you also participating in Blogmas? Which one of your ideas didn’t you follow through with? Which one of these ideas would you like me to still write after Blogmas?

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4 replies on “Blogmas D’23: Blogmas Ideas that didn’t make the cut”

Gurlllll! Everything from the word “Hey” to “published” is so relatable!
I think I didn’t do about 5-8 of the posts I planned on doing.
It would’ve been nice to see your decorations but I guess life happened 🤷‍♀️.
“This year’s Blogmas is so much fun! I’m glad I decided to participate” – I know right🎉.
I actually planned on reacting to Christmas pick up lines but most of them were highly inappropriate.
Waiting for your Blogiversary🌚✨

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