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Blogmas D’24: Christmas Bucket List Review

Hey hey heyyyy

Merry Christmas Eve everyone! 🎄✨🤍🎶🌟

Everyone is getting ready for the Christmas celebrations. It’s just amazing to watch! We’re welcoming a few visitors this year since well…Covid is still a thing so we’re still trying to be cautious even while celebrating so I advice you to also.

I have a really short post planned since I’ve been kind of busy with school and Christmas simultaneously happening together so pardon your baby girl.

Today we’ll be taking a look at the bucket list I made for this Christmas and what I’ve been able to achieve so far!

🎄December Bucket List

🌟 Fix my Phone screen

It was just the screen guard actually

🌟 Get a Bangtan Pop socket

(I still don’t know if I want to get this cause if I use a pop socket, it’ll cover my Vmin PC🥺. I have to pick one and I haven’t decided)

🌟 Buy new Jeans


🌟 New Jewelries for my sister and I

Y’all already know I love jewelries so much so I got two new necklaces for my sister and I. It was her Christmas gift.

🌟 New Earphones

I finally got new earphones!!! Finally, I can listen to music to music with the two ears😭 I missed it. Now I don’t have to blast it from the speakers😂

🌟 Get Ice cream

I was just craving it

🌟 Complete blogmas

I have just one day left so yayyy!!! We did it

🌟 Watch 5 Movies

I was only able to watch 4🥺 so close! Ah

🌟 Visit somewhere you haven’t been to

I think I did pretty well. I can say this month was a success😂

Did you have a bucket list for this month? Tell me one thing you wanted to do this month!

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