Blogmas D’9: Christmas Wish List

My wish list this year is honestly just a bunch of stuff I can’t afford but I’m manifesting anyway cause I’m big on speaking what you want into existence.

Honestly, you guys should also make a wishlist of things you can’t afford but really want. Even if you don’t get all, I’m pretty sure you’d get 1 or 2 out of them.

So here’s my OUT OF BUDGET Christmas wish list

Blackswan inspired phone case

Honestly, this one isn’t so out of budget. Blackswan is one of my favorite songs ever so I think this case is really cool!

LED Flexible Strip light

One of my fav tiktokers used this to decorate her room and it looks so much easier than using regular led lights cause these ones come with tape on them already and they’re so pretty too but definitely out of my budget.

Short sleeved crop tees

I realised I don’t have a lot of short sleeved crop tees so they’re on my list!

Nike Dunks

I want these so bad I can’t even begin to explain but I really want theseeee!

Sakura skincare set

I want these cause it looks cute!

Actually, have any of you used any Sakura products before? Especially my dark skin friends. I’ve only used the serum and the moisturizer and they were pretty okay

My friends that are into skincare, what products do you use? Let me know in the comments


My OG readers know how much I want these rings. They were on my birthday wishlist in 2020 but I never got around getting them till they eventually sold out🥲

I’m still looking for a store that has them for sale. If I find one, I’ll try to get it.

Hope Crossbody Bag

This, my friends is way way over my budget but I love it so much and I really want it in this lifetime. Sigh

Have you made your wish list? What are the items on your Christmas wishlist?

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