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Blogmas D’10: Fav Content Creators 2022

I’m currently in my Tiktok era, been there for the past 3 months. My favorite niche are lifestyle (which means I watch a lot of vlogs), asmr (the ones where they’re restocking their fridges, snack shelves or showing what’s in their bags), BTS edits (of course) and aesthetic videos. They’re very soothing to me.

I also enjoy reading lifestyle blogs and I’ve been able to find bloggers that truly love their content, no matter what posts they publish.

Of course my preferences might change later on but in no particular order, these are my Top 5 content creators in 2022.

Natasha Mathurent

I am absolutely in LOVE with Natasha and her content and it’s not like she does anything EXTRAordinary. She’s just so relatable especially for college students who love music, need the motivation to study, love thrift hauls etc. Her chit chats are ones that you can actually relate to.

Basically if you’re looking to project some positivity and high spirits with a good dose of realness, Natasha’s closet is the place to go.

And she’s so pretty too. We, black girlies >>>


Pooja’s blog is one that I think every blogger in this space should be following, honestly. She writes tons of helpful posts for bloggers, she also tells tales, write poems and six word stories but my personal favorite are her lifestyle posts. I personally, am a sucker for food related content so I love reading her posts on meals she tried, recipes on her favorite meals or restaurants she visited.

Her blog is a good blend of my favorite types of content. I also really admire her consistency. She’s literally my role model in the blogging space.


Remember I told you guys that I found those led tape lights on Tiktok, it was from this account.

Honestly, if you ask me why I like her content, I have absolutely no idea. Asides from the fact that I am in love with her apartment. Oh yeah, I love watching her cook, I told you how much I love food related content.

I watch tons of live alone diaries but hers are my favorite.

Olivia Lucie Blake

Olivia writes a lot of helpful posts on blogging, self love/care and tips/advice on building a better lifestyle.

I featured Olivia on this blog last year, she spoke about her self love journey and I kid you not, that still tops my list of all-time favorite features.

I love her blog and everything she stands for. I’m also in love with her blog aesthetic.


Even though I know that I was extremely shitty this year when it came to creating content on this blog, I still have to give myself a little credit.

I was battling my inner demons that kept telling me that I no longer knew how to create blog-worthy content and I let that delude me so much that I almost gave up on blogging but here I am, still thriving. For that, I’m proud of myself.

Although these are my Top 5, there are tons of content creators that I really love and enjoy their content. My blog besties are definitely not excluded (y’all know yourselves). We all had a somewhat roller coaster-y year but we’re still in this space doing what we love and that should be celebrated.

Who are your favorite content creators this year? Are you also a Tiktok addict like me😭? What niche do you particularly gravitate to?


6 replies on “Blogmas D’10: Fav Content Creators 2022”

Thanks so much for adding me to this list along with these other amazing bloggers! Your blog is one I enjoy quite a lot and yes you haven’t been as active but it seems like you have done quite a bit of inner work and that’s worth a lot. I love a lot of niches but I usually gravitate towards food blogs or anything with beauty/skincare/lifestyle.

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