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Study With Us ft Zainab Chats

Hi guys, it’s Ib Today’s post is a collab with Zainab, one of my all time favorite bloggers. I figured since this is the period most of us are preparing for our final exams or are already in the middle of our exams, it would be a nice idea to share our student techniques and […]


Ways To Save Money In School (Ib’s Edition)

Hi! It’s Ib Hope everyone is doing great 🙂 I see tons of post about how you can save money in school and as students, I know firsthand how difficult it can be to save money in school especially when your campus is filled with endless food and bubbling activities so I’ve decided to share […]


The Stranger That Didn’t Leave Me Lonely

Different day, same pattern Constant yelling till I was sure my eardrums would burst Why can I never do anything right? My feet moved on their own My thoughts was too clustered to think of a destination That’s when I felt the droplets Oh it’s raining. I ran to the nearest bus stop and sat […]

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Second Chances

Hi guys, it’s Ib Do you have that one meal or snack that you absolutely despise? You had it. You hated it. Never again. That was the relationship I had with fruit parfait. It looked amazing the first time I saw it. Wow, the mix of the berries and nuts in the yoghurt. It looked […]