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Black Parade by My Chemical Romance| Why by Sabrina Carpenter| Long Flight by Taeyong

Helloooo! Welcome back ✨

I’m back again with another set of songs to react to, today!

By My Chemical Romance, Taeyong and Sabrina Carpenter!

No one shoot me, okay? So I had to go check google whether Black Parade is the name of the artist or the song 😂💀 I’m embarrassed🧍🏽‍♀️

Anyways, can’t wait to listen to them which is why we shall begin!

Black Parade by My Chemical Romance

So this song is actually really old. I just checked it, it was released 12 years ago! Wowww, okay! Let’s begin


Awwnnn I like the intro

Wait, hold on

Does the Black Parade mean like the dead? 🥺. He said “someday I’ll leave you to join the black parade”

This song is strong tho. Like the man is singing with a lot of emotions.

Feels like it’s reaching climax. Heuuuuu the TV broke… and now the room is falling.

Now they’re in front of the parade? Wth is going on!!?

Feels like the song is just beginning 😂😂. I’m loving the rock vibe, with the guitar and stuff. I don’t think I’ve heard a lot of rock songs🧍🏽‍♀️

A lot is happening at the same time. Where’s the man going? Who’s the lady? The song is very catchy!

Oh he’s going to the parade.

The singer has a very strong voice, have I mentioned that? This song is definitely different from what I listen to normally but I’ve mentioned how I love paying attention to the lyrics more than the actual song so don’t think I didn’t.

I love the line, “Your memory will carry on”. Like even if you’re dead, people will still remember you, all the memories you’ve made will continue to live on. It’s very hopeful✨I love it✨

I’ll give this song a 9/10, just cause I mentioned before that I don’t listen to these type of songs so at some point, it was getting too loud for me. Not loud like the volume😂, the song was just too “strong”. I really don’t know how to explain it💀

Anyways, every other thing was good. The music video, lyrics etc.

Thank you Poorja for recommending this song!

Why by Sabrina Carpenter

I feel like I’m going to like this song cause I always like Sabrina’s songs and her voice is great.


Omg she featured this guy from Riverdale! Why can I not suddenly remember his name? Omg I love this guy!

Awwwnnn, what’s this cute drama for? My little heart🥺. He said everyone knows we’re meant to be together. Young love 😞✋🏽

Okay the song is starting for real now!

I tell you her voice is so niceeee✨

I love the song omg!!! The second verse is so good🤩

But they were working so well so why does it look like they ended it in the end🥺. Awwnn

I really like this song. I love Sabrina’s voice.

I also have a friend and we’re polar opposites so sometimes she annoys the hell out of me but we’re still really close😂

Giving this song a 10/10✨ (I’m the worst with grading)

Thank you Shiny for recommending this song!

Long Flight by Taeyong


Ouuuu he has a good voice. I already like the intro of the song…

Damn the way he transitioned to rapping>>>

The subtitles aren’t there so I probably won’t understand half of what he’s saying which sucks.

I’m really grooving to this song right now.

I love this shot!

I like the chorus and the MV. Can’t talk on the lyrics since it’s in Korean with no subtitles and I’m no professional yet. Hopefully, I’ll check out the lyrics later (if I don’t forget)

Thanks to Poorwa for recommending this song!

Those were the 3 songs I reacted to, today! If you noticed, I really mixed the genres up. Not intentionally though, cause I had no idea what Black Parade would sound like. I have a good knowledge on the kind of songs Sabrina sings and most Kpop songs.

I hope you enjoyed my reaction!

Which of these songs have you heard? Which is your favorite reaction?


9 replies on “Black Parade by My Chemical Romance| Why by Sabrina Carpenter| Long Flight by Taeyong”

Heyy IB !! How are you doing? I know I said that I might start blogging again by the first week of october but nothing happened you know. I had been continuously preparing for exams for three or four years and now I had to take rest, sit back and enjoy. So I did. Happy to be back again to my blog. This time I hope to do something more consistently.

About the post, I am not that much into songs. But I love reading your posts and blogs so I read this one as well. I literally loved the first one before even I listened to it. I loved your live commentary for it. And the other too as well. Awesome.

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