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Study With Us ft Zainab Chats

Hi guys, it’s Ib

Today’s post is a collab with Zainab, one of my all time favorite bloggers. I figured since this is the period most of us are preparing for our final exams or are already in the middle of our exams, it would be a nice idea to share our student techniques and also get to know yours.

My exams are beginning on the 5th so I definitely feel like this post would somehow contribute in making me motivated. I shared my study techniques on Zainab’s blog so you should definitely check it out in after reading hers.

Okay Zainab, you may take the floor!

Hello everyone, my name is Zainab, and I’m a positivity blogger from my blog: Zainab Chats!

First of all, I’d like to thank Ib for giving me the opportunity to write a post for you guys – we both decided that it would be fitting if we shared our favourite study techniques on each other’s blogs. So, if you’d like to read what Ib shared, then feel free to check out her post on my blog. For now, let’s jump into this post!

📚 Make A Revision Timetable

For anybody that doesn’t read my blog, I’ve just finished some pretty important mock exams in my school. And one aspect that really helped me throughout that period was creating a revision timetable. 

Revision timetables are super beneficial as it adds structure and detail to your revision: not only can you choose when you’ll repeat content and do exam practice; it also helps with overall planning of your time so that you can still factor in time for yourself during your revision! 

Remember, it’s important to take breaks in order to avoid burnout. I much prefer working smarter rather than harder – and I really feel that a timetable has allowed me to do just that.

📚 Try the blurting technique

I’ve only been acquainted with blurting for a few months – but it’s honestly changed the way I revise for so many subjects, while improving my grades in the process! For anyone that’s unfamiliar with blurting, it’s a form of active recall which is essentially a brain dump: except with your subject content.

First, you study and revise a topic how you normally would. This could be through going over notes, making a mind map, using flashcards etc! 

Then, you pull out a blank sheet of paper or a whiteboard and just blurt down everything you remember about a topic. When you do this, the key is to not be looking at your revision notes – this just defeats the process. 

Once you’ve done this, compare what you’ve blurted with your revision notes. You’ll be able to see where the gaps in your knowledge are, you are now able to go over the key gaps in your knowledge so that you can consolidate them better.

Then you can blurt again – keep doing this until you’ve learnt all your content!

📚 Doing Exam Questions In The Proper Conditions

This final technique is honestly so basic, but I promise that it’s probably the most helpful out of all of them, which is: doing proper exam questions! You can learn all the content, but if you’re not aware of what the mark schemes are looking for or don’t have the exam technique – unfortunately all that revision is going to be nothing. I know this is very pedantic, but trust me, you don’t want to learn the hard way! 

When you do your exam questions, make sure you:

  • Check the command words (find out exactly what the question is asking) 
  • Look at the mark scheme afterwards (this will allow you to know exactly what the examiner is looking for, and minimise any gaps in your knowledge). 
  • Practice your questions in timed conditions (especially in subjects where planning your time is crucial in the final exam, such as English). 

If you just familiarise yourself with exam technique, you’ll be ready for your exam in no time!

I hope these 3 strategies were useful, I know that they’ve been particularly helpful for me – so I hope they could have been of use to you too! Thank you so much for reading, and again thank you so much for Ib for the opportunity to share this with you all. If you’d like to see more of me, I’d love to chat on my blog: Zainab Chats!

[All photos were taken by me and seen first on Zainab Chats]

Thank you Zainab! I really enjoyed reading and I know my readers did too.

Everyone, make sure you check out my study techniques on Zainab’s blog and also take some time to surf get blog. It is a big bubble of positivity over there. I love it!

What study techniques do you use? Can you study with music? Are you done with exams? How were they?


9 replies on “Study With Us ft Zainab Chats”

Heyyy!!! Hope you’re doing well🌼.
Good luck with your upcoming exams. We actually finished our final exams last week Wednesday and I used the blurting method from time to time. The papers were lovely🌚.
Nope, can’t study with music at all. I need absolute silence when I study. I use the empty chair method to study and I write and recite my notes. How about you?

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My favorite blog bestie is back!!! Hey Sab, how have you been? I’m glad your papers were lovely. My hell is about to begin 😭
I also use blurting method. I pretend like I’m teaching someone too


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