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BIRTHDAY WEEK| How my birthday went!

Heyyyyy everyoneee!!!

Today, I will be sharing with y’all how my birthday went! Please bear with me as this is my first time hehe!

Okay so, on the morning of my birthday, my mum woke me up and my family prayed for me. She woke me early cause she had to leave for work.

After she left, my brothers and I danced to BTS songs in the kitchen while I fried chicken for the peppered stew and made spaghetti (yes, I’m doing the cooking on my birthday since there’s no one else to do it)

After that! My friends pressured me into opening the gift I got for myself. I will be doing an unboxing post tomorrow! ARMYs, be prepared! You know what? You can’t be prepared for this!😂😂

Then I took a shower and my friend came over then we went to LCC!

Outfit for the day! I didn’t end up wearing the bucket hat cause it didn’t fit my head cause of my hair 😂

And this is where my day actually began!

LCC (Lekki Conservation Centre) is a conservation Centre (duh!) where animals are kept in a safe and secure environment and a lot of tourists like to go there for fun! That’s the best way I can explain it. Please google, I’m not always accurate 😂

After getting our tickets, the tour guide took us through a pathway

Pardon my picture taking skills✨

We saw many birds and monkeys! Also a crocodile! Or alligator…I’m not sure😂

Then we got to this canopy walk which I thought would be a joy ride but was completely the opposite!

The rope kept moving left and right, left and right! My friend was so scared after the first one that a guard had to follow us through the rest then he ended taking pictures and videos for us. Thank God!😂

Can y’all see how high up we are!

We had stops in between the walks so we took more pictures!

When we finished, I was so relieved! It was super scary cause it felt like I was going to fall but I was braver than my friend😂

When we finished, we bought coke and took pictures with a giant chessboard! I also played it😂

I thought I did something 😂

Y’all on our way to the exit, I was sipping my coke and monkeys were walking beside us then this monkey! This monkey started trying to take my drink 😩

He tried grabbing it the first time but I grabbed it back then he grabbed it again the second time but I refused till when it was getting aggressive, I just left the drink for it😂 but it just fell and wasted on the floor 😔

That was such a traumatic experience 😂

Then we got lost on our way to the exit😂 we lost the tour guide and others, it was just us and monkeys💀

But we finally made it out! And I saw other animals too🥺

They were literally just walking around us
The clear difference between the male and female peacock!

And that concludes my trip to LCC!

After that, we all had dinner and now I am currently writing this post before I go to bed. My feet hurt so muchhhhh!!! That canopy walk was crazyyyyy!

Alright guyssss, that concludes how I spent my birthday! A big thank you to EVERY SINGLE SOUL that wished and prayed for me yesterday! Thank you so muchhhh!

Filarance, Pavithra, The Sassy Library Fox , Moksha, Sneha, Flora, Mira, Lili, Prapti, Daffodilpearlzz and everyone else who wished me. Y’all really made my day 💜🤍❤️

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Can’t wait for my unboxing post!!!Eeeeeeeeqqqqq


24 replies on “BIRTHDAY WEEK| How my birthday went!”

Wowwww!! My sweetheart, you’re such a sweet and lovely soul I ever seen!! You made my day..! You gave a marvellous suprise to me..! I’m flying in the sky..! You’re an angel dear..! And you know you looks very beautiful and pretty..! I enjoyed reading uou wonderful post..! I’m so happy to see my name her my beautiful friend..! I’m so lucky to call you as my friend..! Woww!! You’re a gem..! Happy birthday to the sweetest girl in the world..! Have a shining day my dear..!🤗🤗🤗💖💕💕💕💐💐😍😍

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It looks like you had such a fun time! I’m glad you enjoyed your birthday so much and haha you and your brothers dancing to BTS songs in the kitchen is one of the most relatable things ever! *lol* Can’t wait to see your unboxing post! The moment with the monkey sounds kinda scary. They can be really persistent. XD


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