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Hey guyssss, it’s Ib.

It’s been awhile… blows dust

I haven’t been really active cause of everything going on in my country (🇳🇬) at the moment. Things have been tough and it’s definitely taking a toll on our mental healths as a whole and I can’t write if I’m not alright up there. Anyways, long story cut short,

I’m back with my vibeeeeee and boujeeeeee🤩🤩🤩!!!!

I feel myself too much for my liking😔

Todayyyy, as you can see from the topic, we’re talking about contortion and who’s best to talk about it asides a contortionist. I’m clearly not one, I just found out that I can’t place my legs straight and still be able to bend forward and touch my toes. I’m an 80 years old woman in an 18 years old body… and that is why we’ve got an amazing guest todayyyyy. She’s literally a black spider woman, very very flexible. I freak out whenever she does her poses. My bones crack for her! She is none other than the beautiful, Mayowa DaCosta!!!

I’m Mayowa DaCosta. I am one of a kind… Not to sound proud but it’s the fact. I love all art forms, but dance holds a special place in my heart.

Ayyyyeeeeee, straight to the Q/A just cause…. I’m excited.


1. How/When did you decide to be a contortionist?

M: I started in 2014, I stumbled across the picture of a Contortionist on Google and I desired to achieve that pose too. Right now I can successfully pull off the pose, although took years of practice.

2. Do you have to be flexible to be able to contort? If yes, how did you become flexible?

M: Contortion itself is an act of flexibility. I did and still do stretches to make my muscles flexible consistently.

3. Have you ever been seriously injured from practicing?

M: No I haven’t but I have had interesting practice accidents.

4. Who is your inspiration?

M: Zlata was one of the persons that fueled my desire to become more flexible. Also, other Contortionists and dancers are constant sources of inspiration for me till now.

5. Who do you look up to?

M: Jesus oh, author and finisher of my fate (lol).

6. What motivates you to keep pushing forward?

M: Looking at my progress over the years and that of others. Motivation isn’t always there sincerely especially with Contortion, it can be quite painful, however I get inspired watching other top Contortionists, acrobats, gymnasts and dancers performing.

7. Have you ever performed in front of a live audience. If yes, how did you feel?

M: Yes I have. I felt nervous but it wears off immediately I start moving. I also get adrenaline pump on stage, it makes my body more flexible.

8. What’s the difference between gymnastics and contortions?

M: They borrow techniques from eachother but they are different art forms. Contortion is majorly about Flexibility while gymnastics focuses more on balance, strength and stunts.

9. Do you plan on taking contortion on as a career or it’s something you just love doing?

M: It is both. I love doing it and it is also gradually turning into a career path.

10. What were the road blocks you came across in your journey of being a contortionist?

M: The first was on getting training, we don’t have known Contortion trainers in Nigeria so I started out being self taught and this led to injuries cause I was doing some things wrong. That is also why I have created my own training outfit to help the next generation of Contortionists get correct training on expression, techniques and everything in-between.

11. What is a day of practice like?

Pretty good when I’m in a good mood. Sometimes I barely enjoy it. It all boils down to the ginger to actually practice that day. However I start with warm ups, light stretches, deep stretches, strength training and pose practice. It is a different order when I’m making a performance or dance choreography.

12. What kinds of food do you eat in order to stay fit and flexible?

M: I don’t take excess soft drinks but I don’t watch my diet.

13. What is your workout schedule like?

M: I mentioned this earlier I think, but my workout takes about 30mins while stretches and others takes 2hr to 3hrs on a good day.

14. What is your favorite pose?

M: Bow and arrow.

15. What does it take to be a contortionist?

M: Patience and consistency.

16. What is your advice to anyone who wants to be a contortionist?

M: Be consistent and patient. Get a trainer to speed up your growth process.

Alrightyyy, I feel like that was good, it was nice. At least, we know that we don’t need to watch our diet to be able to contort. That’s exactly what I like to hear😌.

Anyways, I really hope you guys enjoyed that! If you’d like to speak to Mayowa about contorting or anything else then,

IG: @Mayowadacosta
Facebook: Mayowa Da-costa
Twitter: @Mystic_ _01

Also, follow my blog page on IG @_itsib

Alright guysss, till next week, drops ink


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