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Hey guyssss, it’s Ib. It’s been awhile… blows dust I haven’t been really active cause of everything going on in my country (🇳🇬) at the moment. Things have been tough and it’s definitely taking a toll on our mental healths as a whole and I can’t write if I’m not alright up there. Anyways, long […]

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YOUR VIEW: Cultural Appropriation Explained!

Heyyyyy It’s Ib! How are you? Hope you’re good? Thank you to those of you who have been relating with me on Instagram. We love to see it! Yo, so today I’m kinda bummed. I don’t think I’ve told you guys yet but I started driving lessons two weeks ago and it has been going […]

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Shame On Body Shamers!

Heyyyyyyyyy It’s me, again, as you all know😌. Today, I’m excited because I will be answering the questions you guys sent in on body shaming but I will not be doing it alone! My Soul-Twinnie (if you don’t know what it is, it’s basically someone who kinda thinks in a way like you, not entirely […]