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Blogmas D’10: Lessons Learnt in 2021

Day 9 of Blogmas and we’re already going deep, who would’ve thought?😌

This post is more of a spontaneous reflection cause I haven’t really sat down to think of what I learnt this year but thanks to this post, I was able to.

I did a lot of reflection and I realized that I’ve experienced so much growth this year than I had in the past few years and I’ll say it’s obviously thanks to the people and things I decided to surround myself with.

Here are the things I highlighted as the major lessons I learnt this year:

• I come first

In 2021, I’ve learnt to put myself first in a lot of situations. I’m someone that loves to think of others and how they would feel if this or that happened even if it’s at my own detriment but I’m learning to realize that there are certain situations where I should put myself first. In a friendship where I’m in the one always getting hurt or pulled down, it’s better I leave. If someone is doing something unfairly to me or treating me poorly, I call them out on it rather than just try to tolerate it everytime.

• Communication is key

We hear this phrase all the time but never apply it. A lot of my previous relationships with people ended on the basis of a misunderstanding that we couldn’t clear because we didn’t truly communicate with each other. Fortunately, this year almost felt like starting a new book since most of my friends now are Armys so I try to communicate my feelings with them as much as I can. If I’m upset by something they did, instead of keeping it to myself, I address it so they know not to repeat it next time and if they do something nice or really cute, I also let them know. That way, there are no underlying feelings or unresolved problems and even if the friendship does end, at least it’s with no regrets of “I wish I did” “I wish I said”

You feel me?

• Other people’s opinion about me doesn’t matter

This is something I learnt quite early in the year and have actually grown to accept. Ever since becoming a BTS ARMY, a lot of people have had a lot of to say about me, BTS and my love for them. I get asked the dumbest questions almost every day, I listen to people judge and give dumb takes on me and why I love BTS. Hell, the amount of racist and insensitive statements I’ve heard this year is more than I’ve heard for the past 19 years of my life. For my peace of mind, I learnt to drain the negativity out. BTS makes me happy and that’s all that matters to me.

• There’s still a lot of problems in the world

Like I mentioned in the previous point, since becoming an Army, I’ve been faced with a lot of hate targeted at both I and the Tannies. Before becoming an Army, it was like I lived in my own bubbie of life, not really knowing what goes on but when I became an Army, I became aware of the many issues we still have in this world. Armys are very well informed people and I’m glad to be in a fandom like ours 💜

• Taking care of yourself is more than just physical

This year I’ve learnt how to REALLY take care of myself. How to check in with myself, know how I’m feeling at every moment and be very conscious of ME. Realizing when I’m stressed and need a time off, realizing when I’m being treated unfairly both by others and myself and immediately resolving that. Learning to spoil myself when I’ve worked hard, brighten myself when I’m upset, call myself out when I’m wrong. I think these little things are really important.

These are 5 lessons I learnt this year that have made the greatest impact on who I am right now at this moment.

I would love to know the lessons that you learnt this year. Let’s learn from each other!

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7 replies on “Blogmas D’10: Lessons Learnt in 2021”

I learnt the same lessons! I just realised. And yes you come before anyone else! <33 And I totally agree with this whole post! And racist comments? Aw :< you don't deserver any of those comments, I'm so sorry for that 🥺💜💜
I'm enjoying your Blogmas a lot!! 🎄💖

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Yessss girllll🎉🎉. I’m so happy that you learnt to put yourself first and that other people’s opinion about you doesn’t matter. I’ve always known this but this year, when I started high school, I REALLY remembered this. People will always talk, no matter what you do. People have their won opinions and that can’t be changed.
There really are A LOT of problems in the world and just when you think that one problem is being solved and that the world is making progress, another problem pops up. All we can do is help where we can.

Cool post💐.


This was a lovely post! It reminds me that I need to do some reflection too. I agree with all of your points! They are so very true!
And you are right! Other people’s opinion doesn’t matter! You ROCK, Ib!

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