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It is the 1st of December, 2021! Omgggg, you don’t know how excited I am!

I love the month of December so much! Not only because it’s Christmas, or because it’s Tae and Jin’s birth month, but there’s just something about this month that just makes the happy. It’s like the spirit is brighter, everywhere is calm and loving whooshhh!

I’m just glad to have made it to the 12th month and I’m glad that you all made it with me. 2022, here we come! Woohoo😂

I think you can tell how excited I am. Yes, I’m excited! We will be doing Blogmas on my blog this year. I actually participated in Blogmas last year but I only did 12 Days (intentionally). I was trying to do the “12 Days of Christmas” type of challenge but this year, I will TRY to participate in the 25 Days of Blogmas…emphasis on TRY but yeah, I’m looking forward to all the posts you also have planned.

I feel the blog space is already slowly getting into the Christmas spirit and I’m very excited about that.

Anticipate my upcoming posts and I’m surely anticipating yours!

See you very soon🤍


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All the best, Ib! I also love December a lot. Even though we don’t celebrate Christmas in Hindu but my bday atmosphere makes it so festive ✨ And of course, end of the year!! It’s so delightful to think about the past months and what we learned throughout the year💜

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