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Blogmas D’11: 2021 First-times

Ho Ho Ho ‘Tis I !

Back with another sort of 2021 evaluation post? Yeah, I guess. Anyways, while looking back at how my year has been, I realized there were quite a number of things I tried for the first time this year. Things that if you told the me of 2019 that I would be doing, she would probably hiss and walk away but look at me now! With a list of things that were never on my bucket list but I still decided to try😂

And they are!!!!

🎄 Joining a fandom

Gurllll if someone told me a year ago that I would this invested in a fandom, I never would’ve believed it. Thanks to BTS and ARMY, this year was a whole new experience for me and it’s honestly probably the best year of my life. I got to be a part of an amazing community and even though we do have our lapses, I’m still really proud of us and everything we’re doing. 💜

🎄 Drove with supervision

As most of you know, I got my driver’s license sometime in October. I did a whole post about it (Click here to read). Before then, I wasn’t actively driving because after my driving lessons which I took in 2020, I became occupied with school and life so I didn’t really practice driving. I feared that I had forgotten how to drive well since it had been months since I last drove and even when I got my license, I still didn’t drive cause I was afraid but a week ago, my dad made me drive by myself, just me in the car!

You can’t imagine how scared I was but I was lowkey happy that at least if I die, I die alone😌

🎄 Blog Community

Last year, I hardly interacted with any blogger, I did not do a single collaboration and the only blog series I did was Blogmas and I did that all by myself but this year, I’m very happy to have done multiple blog Series, Collabs and Features on my blog with my blog buddies.

I had so much fun doing every single one of them and I really appreciate everyone who did something with me this year. I hope next year I’m able to work with you again and even new bloggers as well!

🎄 Online Classes

While everyone began their journey with online classes last year, I only began mine in January and oh my God it was a very very stressful time. I don’t think I’ve ever been more frustrated in my life. It was very difficult but I pulled through 🥺

🎄 Online Shopping

You’ll be shocked to know that I hadn’t ordered anything from online until this year. I’m actually still skeptic about ordering things online cause I like seeing what I buy before paying for them but with online shopping, you have to give the store the benefit of trust which I’m not very good at. Luckily I have no issues with the stuff I have ordered so far so yay!

🎄 Social Media

This is actually still a work in progress🥴. I’ve never been a fan of social media. The only app I’m super active on is WhatsApp. I can’t count how many times I’ve logged out of Snapchat (I’m sorry to the people I keep streaks with🧎🏽‍♀️). I haven’t been on Instagram in months and I’m still trying to be active on Twitter. I recently opened an account on Pinterest and I haven’t even been there in a while😞. I’m really trying I swear but I don’t know why I find it difficult to keep up with it and I lowkey feel that’s one of the setbacks my blog is facing.

I hope I get better at it next year! If you have any tips then please tell me🥺

🎄 Learning a new language

As you probably know, unless you’re really new to my blog, I’m learning Korean. I started in May this year and even though I’ve taken several breaks from it because of school and work, I’m still very much interested in it. I hope I’m able to make more time for it next year.

If you’d like to check out the series I did on how I learn Korean (Click here)

🎄 Korean food

Since I became very much interested in the Korean culture this year, asides their music, language and dressing, I also picked interest in their food. Armys know one of the things we enjoy is watching BTS eat and with shows like Run BTS and In the Soop, I’m able to list at least 5 different Korean meals that the members eat regularly. Amongst these, the most regular one is the spicy cup noodles which I was lucky to find in one of my local stores here in Nigeria.

I was nervous about trying it cause what if I don’t like it..welp! But thankfully, I really enjoyed it and I probably will get more soon!

These are the new stuff that I tried this year (that I can remember)

What things did you try this year? I’d love to know in the comments!

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4 replies on “Blogmas D’11: 2021 First-times”

Trying things that aren’t on your bucket list is always exciting😁🎉
“…but I was lowkey happy that at least if I die, I die alone😌” wow what a thing to be happy about😂
Girl I’ve dumped my Pinterest account sooooo many times😂💔. But I’m back.I’m also only really active on WhatsApp🤭🤷‍♀️
It’s good they you still managed to try all these new things despite this year’s troubles💙


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