Blogmas D’7: 2022 First-Times

Just like I did last year, I’ve decided to share some of the things that I did for the first time this year.

This has helped me really look back on this year and be grateful for the things I got to do and the experiences I had.

Here are some of the remarkable moments of my 2022.

Got Baptized

Yes your girl got baptized early this year. It was an amazing experience, definitely one I won’t forget.

Boat Ride

I went on a solo boat ride for the first time in my life. I loved it, will definitely be doing it again. Hopefully, with my friends.

Late Night Cinema

Usually I’m an “afternoon outing or just stay at home” kind of girl but I went to see both No Way Home and Black Panther in the night, with my friends. It was so much fun

I’m a person that enjoys solitude. I would love to just watch movies with a nice meal on my bed but I’m really trying to step out of my comfort zone and make more memories with my friends. I see videos of people regretting that they didn’t really get to enjoy their twenties cause they were so worried about school, work, life in general so as a girl that just entered her twenties, I do not want to make the same mistakes.

Here’s to more outings in 2023! 🥂

Got my first ACTUAL Job (10/06/22)

I used to work for people that I was familiar with but this year, I got a job outside my circle so I actually had to wake up early, get to work, get scolded for mistakes, worry about lunch, be on a monthly payroll, make several calls to strangers and get rude and weird responses. All of that was a new experience, something I’m definitely grateful for.

Solo Travel

That later extended to 5 days

I travelled outside my city alone for the first time. I went to celebrate my sister’s birthday with her and her friends at her former school.

Although the network reception in her school was really bad, I still enjoyed the experience of being out of the very loud and busy streets of Lagos.

There are a few other things I did for the first time like;

✨ Tried crabs

✨ Had shrimp pasta (6/10)

✨ Used a sheet mask

✨ Tried a fruit parfait

And a ton of other stuff

What were some of the things you tried for the first time this year?

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One reply on “Blogmas D’7: 2022 First-Times”

Congratulations on getting baptized🌼🕊.
Here’s to more outings indeed🥂.
One really fun thing I tried this year was making a poster by myself. I made it on my phone for a friend’s birthday and had it printed out later🤸‍♀️


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