Blogmas D’6: Favorite Kdrama Actors in 2022

2022 was the year that I really got into kdramas, you can tell from the review I did on the last two posts.

I must say Koreans are really good at acting. I was impressed by them like they’re really taking over my list of best actors so I thought I’d tell you the people that really had me on chokehold.

🎄 Ji Chang Wook

This man, y’all. His acting is unbelievable. He is so good

I watched Sound of Magic and I was so impressed by him that I went to watch Suspicious partner then I got my roommate to watch it with me AGAIN! Then we watched If You Wish Upon Me. He had my roommate on chokehold as well that she went to watch one of his really old shows, K2.

That’s how good he is. I was so impressed.

🎄 Kim Tae Ri

Oh my days, this woman

Absolutely incredible. Flawless, beautiful, amazing acting. I was so impressed by 2521

🎄 Seo Hye Won

She was a supporting character in 3 of the shows I watched this year; Business Proposal, Extraordinary Attorney Woo and Alchemy of Souls. All different plots and genre so it was nice to see her versatility as an actress that is still sort of upcoming.

I hope she gets a main character role soon.

🎄 Wi Ha Joon

He did really good in Bad and Crazy last year so I was excited to see him in Little Women. Although his character was more serious than in Bad and Crazy, he did not disappoint.

Honorable mentions

Favorite on-screen couple: Alchemy of souls

Favorite casting: Business proposal

Favorite friend group: 2521

Thank you for reading!

What show made you smile the most this year?


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