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It’s Ib!!!

Um… Well I’ve been meaning to give this a try for a long time but I’ve always been reluctant. A lot of people I know are always like “Ib you write alot yh? Why don’t you put it into something productive?”.. I’ll be looking like 🙂😶 but then I just decided why don’t I give it a try besides it’s a new year I might as well start trying out new stuff… I seriously thought blogging was all writing and stuff till I like got this app and I was so confused like “what’s all this?😬” buttt I spoke to a friend of mine who also has a personal blog.

Check out

She’s an amazing blogger… Shout out to herrr

NOTICE: THIS IS STRICTLY FOR FUN… Nothing professional going on hereee


So before I get into anything, I’d like to properly introduce myself. Yunno get to know me and me getting to know you (in the comment section). Yh so let’s get started..

So that’s me…

My names are Adepoju Ibukun. I’m 17 right now. August babyyyyy🤩. Um I’m short not really short tho. I’m 5″6 (my friends don’t believe me tho but I know I am).

Not athletic in anyway… My hobbies are sleeping, eating and reading. Don’t judge me!

To relieve my stress, I watch movies in bed. I’m really funny (I think). I’m addicted to milk…shhhh…. I love hanging out with friends but I also love my “Me” time. I think I’m more of an introvert sha.

I attend the prestigious University of Lagos, Nigeria sips tea, a Real Estate agent in the making (It’s not cause there’s money in it)… Maybe..

Yeah so that’s it about me… Let me get to know you in the comment section below..


There’s this thing we do where someone comes and is like “You totally forgot me” or “You just stopped talking to me” or “You just used me”.

I feel like everybody has a part to play in your life. It’s no coincidence you bumped into her when you needed someone and it’s no mistake you dated him but here’s the mistake we make.

We tend to feel like people will stay in our lives forever when we ourselves don’t know when forever will end. That’s why people make “BFFs”. Then the person moves out or the person changes schools or you graduate. You keep reassuring each other that you’ll text everyday, call everynight, facetime and those stuff.

Then things change,

2 months

6 months

A year

No texts, no calls….

Then people start to feel bad. They say you’ve forgotten them.


And that’s necessary

Change is necessary

Our circles have to change… How are we supposed to grow mentally and socially if we don’t change circles. You have to move along but take your memories with you. You and that best friend might’ve had a lot of things in common like you read similar books or watch similar movies but you’ve changed. You now prefer other stuff like sports and games. You have to change your circle in order to enhance yourself. I’m not saying you should intentionally forget people or stop talking to them but life happens and you shouldn’t beat yourself up over it. You can’t grow if you’re stuck with just one person or a particular set of people with just one lifestyle and one way to thinking. That’s IQ diminishing…

Sure, remember to check on them cause everyone’s going through stuff but do not feel obliged to call or text everyday when you clearly aren’t feeling your friendship anymore.


So that’s my little advice for y’all as we enter 2020!

Okayyyyyyy…. That’s it!

Happy New year 🤯…

Did you enjoy my first post or is there anything you think I should work on?

What’s your take on my advice? If you have a different opinion, I’d love to hear it. Please drop it in the comment section below…

Thanks.. Kisses