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The Journey…


So January has ended😅. School has been hectic!!!! Although we’ve not really done much but stillllll..Gahdemm. I’m doing like 10 courses but I heard from someone recently that people do up to 26 courses so I’ll just withhold my whines. Moving on….

I don’t know if it’s like a coincidence or something but I met a lot of people recently who have been complaining about not being able to enter school or that they haven’t found their passion or their mates are moving forward and they’re stagnant. Here’s the thing…

Everyone wants to make it

I want to make it

We’re all “I”s

We started at the same time doesn’t mean we’re going to reach the “make it” part at the same time. We’re all on different roads, different paths leading to the same point.

One’s road maybe smooth

One’s gonna be sandy, rocky

Might probably even have quicksand 😐

But that doesn’t mean you’re not still going to reach that end point.

You might not even be given the necessary materials for this journey. Some of us get cars and shoes (that’s like the people born in really rich families or that can afford luxuries and all) while some of us are barefoot ( people who aren’t as rich as others or don’t have an advantage to things in life)…

So here’s the thing, you don’t get a time limit. No stopwatch. Nada! BUT!!! There’s a point everyone dies so we all want to end our journey before that time comes.

Some of us like to feel like flash so rather than take our time so we don’t fall, we’ll rather jam those brakes or buckle those shoes so we can speedddddd… You’re speeding so your mind is on how to control the speed and still reach your endpoint that you no longer see your path clearly. Now you reach a rocky path of your life and GBAM! you eventually somersault and tumble, then what? Car breaks down and you’re gonna take a lot of time to fix that car and get back on track. Sad part is nobody’s waiting for you😂.

Now these people above are the ones who feel like they’ve made it. They do fast track in life for everything. Just cause they have an advantage in life like maybe their family has money and stuff, they feel like they really don’t have to work hard for anything so they just like enjoy life or like Yoruba people say, they like to “gbadun aye”. So they’re just flexing and flexing till one day everything just goes downhill and then they have to start all over again…

If you’re the speedy type and you got shoes. You’re rushing from the beginning so you don’t buckle your shoes well. So as you’re going, you keep stopping at intervals to buckle up and you don’t still buckle it well cause you’re rushing. Eventually you get distracted with buckling up.

These ones are the people that do not plan themselves or do not have a goal to which they’re working towards. They go wherever the breeze blows. They do not have a direction so most times they’re confused and have to keep checking themselves.

Now if you’re barefoot…


You know if you rush you’re going to hurt yourself so you have no choice but to be really slow. You don’t like that fact that you’re slow yh? (Well nobody does😊)…

But here’s the interesting partttttt

You’re slow so everyone passes you and they’re so ahead of you that you get depressed about it. Now here’s where you have to choose whether to look up or leave your head down in depression.

When you look do you know what you’ll see?!😃

You’ll see all those with broken down cars trying to fix it and all those stopping to buckle their shoes. You see the mistakes they’ve made, the bad road to avoid, that quicksand they didn’t notice earlier, you see everything and you note it. You keep going slowly, taking your time to really observe so you don’t make those errors.

In some cases, you might eventually be ahead of those people and sometimes you might just remain behind. Either ways, YOU WILL STILL MAKE IT

Now for those that might be really making progress in life and are like “I have money and I’m really fast with my education and I’m not falling”. I’m not saying it’s a general thing. This message is just for those that feel really down just because their mates are way ahead of them and they seem not to be moving forward.

I’m saying everything has a reason and a purpose and cause your friends have graduated and you’re still in school or cause you’re still awaiting admission while your friends have gotten doesn’t mean that’s the end of the road. There’s still so much in front of you and just keep going and don’t give up….

You’ll be fine eventually…..

I cannot forget to thank you guys so much for the support on my last post. Thank you guysss… Love y’all ❤️…

I would love to read your comments and know your view on my theories and also just to say hi. Please like and comment. Cheers!