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Dance! Ft Soso

Hey everyoneee!

Happy Mondayyyy, even though there’s really nothing happy about Monday. I really hope we all have an amazing week✨

Now, if there’s one thing I love in this world asides watching In the Soop, sleeping and eating, it’s dancing. I love dancing doesn’t mean I’m good at it though. I actually think I’m pretty good🤓

Anyways, today isn’t about me😌. We have one of my very good friends and one of the best dancers I know, emphasis on “I know”. I love how much she enjoys dancing and how happy she is while dancing so I decided to have her on here to talk about exactly that.

Everyone welcome Sosoooooo 👏🏽 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

Introducing the blog guest~

Hi, I’m Esohe. I like dancing, playing sports and going to the beach!

Alright, let’s get started. When did you discover you knew how to dance?

Primary school because I was always interested and ready to dance.

I’ve known you for quite a while now and everytime you dance in front of me, you look like you’re having a swell time. Are you ever shy to dance?

Yessss sometimes I get shy when I’m pressured or when I’m dancing Infront of a large crowd because I’m not used to dancing Infront of too many people.

Is dancing something you want to take on professional or merely as a hobby? I think you should but do you?

I would say it was something I wanted to do professionally when I was younger but then growing up I wasn’t really interested again so I think it’s just a hobby now. Yes I’d get there, but for now I’m still in a dance group and not on my own.

What’s your favorite dance style?

Hmm my favorite dance style is AFRO!

What’s your least favorite dance style?

My least favorite dance style is BALLET!

Do you agree dancing is a form of self expression? If yes, how so?

Yes it is. Through dance, our body expresses how free we actually are, while also identifying the restrictions our minds impose on it.

Hmm word word! What’s the most surreal or unreal moment you had (dance wise)?

This should be when I had a problem w my neck & we had this huge dance video to do and I had no choice but to participate. At that moment, when I was dancing in my head I was like if anything sup Omo I know it sup doing one of the things I liked.

Awwwnn🥺. Okay so, I already know the answer to this question but is there any artist you would love to work with? (Maybe to be in their music video)

Yunno it baby, DAVIDO!!!!!

Of course! What’s a day of dance practice like?

It’s really fun & you get to learn new steps but Omo its very tiring because working on a choreography requires mental effort.

Now that we’re done with the serious stuff, I thought we’d do something fun before ending this post. Soso is going to play “Ib’s Close Friends Tag!”. I expect Soso to get all the answers cause I can’t count how many sleepovers we’ve had (actually I can) but I would Soso and I have actually passed a level in our friendship where she should know these things 😂

Ib’s Close Friend Tag~

1. Birthday?

August 12th ✅

2. Favorite snack?

Maltesers 😌

I’m giving you half cause you failed it at first till I kept hinting you 😂

3. Introvert or Extrovert?

Introvert ✅

4. Brushes teeth before bathing or after bathing?

Before ✅

5. Covers waist to legs while sleeping or covers everywhere except head?

Everywhere except head ✅

6. Favorite artist(s)?


7. Do you consider Ib to be a good dancer?

Yeah..I see the potential ✅😌

8. Favorite thing you love about Ib?

Her personality 🥺

9. Least favorite thing about Ib?

The fact that she lives far 😔

10. Final words to Ib?

A positive mindset brings positive things. Stay lit, do not stop staying lit. Much love!

Awwwnnn, I think this is the perfect note to end this post. I was very excited to feature Soso, she’s someone that I really appreciate.

Thank you, Soso for agreeing to do this! Love you always bebeeee🤩 and you too, stay lit✨

Hope you all enjoyed this post! Thank you for clicking my link and staying till the end. If you’d like to be notified whenever I post, you can follow my social media handles down below. Love ya!🤍


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I just saw this blog through on a friend’s status and I clicked on it, PS: I don’t really like blogs 😂, but i think I like your blog already ❤️❤️

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You love sleeping , eating , and watching in the soop ?? Count me in as a fan of your blog now 😂😂 , nevertheless love your friends views on her dancing !! Love this post and your entire blog 💓


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