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3 Lessons I learnt from my Work Experience

A phase of my life is yet again, over.

A short but good phase

I will finally be resuming back to school which means I had to stop working.

My friends have been asking if I’m happy or sad about leaving work and going back to school. Honestly, I don’t know. It’s a bittersweet feeling.

I enjoyed working even though sometimes it got tiring and annoying but the people around me made it better. I’m kind of happy that I won’t be a slave to capitalism for a while but I’m going to miss my coworkers and I’m also happy going back to school cause I miss my friends but I do not want to sit in the class for hours listening to a man speak (I say man cause 98% of my lecturers this semester are men). You get me?

Anyways, this post is not about that.

Through the course of working, there were tons of lessons that I learnt everyday. I grouped them into 3 major lessons;

📑 Discipline

I learnt a great deal of discipline these past months.

The toughest part was waking up really early in the morning every day. Usually, when I have 8am classes, I wake up by 6am sometimes 6:30am but having to wake up by 4am was crazy. Some days I was like “God I really do not want to do this” but I had to.

I set my sleep function so this is what I would read whenever I try to turn off the alarm. Believe me, it was tough

I had to make certain sacrifices like leaving the house at odd hours, taking public transport, not having actual breakfast. I don’t like public transport cause I don’t know, it’s a mess. I’ve had tons of unpleasant experiences from taking public transport but I had to get used to it.

For the past 4/5 months, my breakfast was biscuit/pastries and coffee. For me, lunch was the most important meal of the day cause sometimes I would be too tired to even have dinner. Y’all need to see how skinny I am right now.

I learnt to discipline myself in certain areas and I know it’ll be very useful for me in the future.

📑 Teamwork

I realized that in an office environment, a lot of someone’s work is dependent on how well you do your work. There was no “one-man task”.

Three people are to carry out an inventory, if one person doesn’t do his part right, it’ll affect all three of them. Same thing applies to most of the tasks I did. While sourcing for properties, if I didn’t confirm a certain information or mix some things up, it would affect us during inspection.

The other interns and I were also given a group project to work on. It was fun. Shoutout to my amazing chairman, he was my favorite person to work with.

📑 Be a good human

This isn’t something I just learnt at the office but I feel like I should still speak on it. It was definitely something I TRIED to do everyday at work.

Make the people around you smile. Cheer them up when you think they’re down. If they look lost, try to help. If someone is being unusually quiet, try to get them to talk. Of course, you shouldn’t push someone to tell you what’s up with them but just start random conversations to get them to cheer up or not focus too much on whatever’s wrong.

I tried to be that kind of person to my co-workers. I don’t know if I succeeded but if I did, I’m glad.

What major lessons have you learnt during your work experiences? What is your go-to lunch on a regular work day?


7 replies on “3 Lessons I learnt from my Work Experience”

I loved leaving work to go back to study (from my post graduation). I appreciated my college years even more. 😀

My work experience taught me that you will meet all kinds of people in your work space – good, bad, enriching, negative, productive, lazy, etc. You should enjoy the positive experiences and learn from the negative as to what kind of a coworker/boss you don’t want to be. My ex-boss was HORRIBLE, but I learnt from that experience that I don’t want to be that kind of boss to my subordinates.

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Oh yes, different kinds of people. It was so difficult working with some people😂.
I’m sure you’re an amazing boss.
Thank you so much for your comment, I really appreciate 🤍


your alarms are SO relatable haha!
i get thattt, i also have to leave for school early in the morning and it’s going to be tough after vacation 😭
well i hope you have fun getting back to school, and it was good to see you post again~
love ya !

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Love this post Ib! These are definitely all valuable, and will be helpful when we go out into the working world. I found that money management was something I learned on work experience – I couldn’t keep buying sandwiches from coffee shops every day 😂

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