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Yes, you’re sick!

And yes I suddenly became a doctor!

Deal with it!!!

Before I get into the symptoms and treatment for your sickness, I have to first appreciate the angel behind the gradual improvement of my mental health. He is honestly so inspiring and motivating. He is JAY SHETTY! For those of you that are too lazy to Google him (because I know some of you definitely are), I did it for you. You’re welcome.

He is honestly an amazing person and if you haven’t started watching his videos or reading his blog, then you definitely should.

So back to my profession of the day, Dr. Ib

*was going to post a picture of her in doctor costume but realized she had none*

A long short story..

You: *knocks door*

Me: Yes, come in.

You: Doctor, I don’t know what to do! I feel like there’s something wrong with me but I can’t tell.

Me: It’s alright. Tell me how you feel.

You: There’s this unnerving feeling I have to please everyone. I’m afraid to leave my house if I’m not in perfect clothes. I worry about what people would think about my body in tight clothes. Honestly, I don’t want to be seen as “uncool” or “too religious” so I don’t always post Godly stuff. I don’t want to be seen as weird so when I’m outside, I eat my maltesers as a whole meanwhile I like licking the chocolate first (ignore that last part, that’s just meπŸ€ͺ). Anyways doc, I don’t know anymore.

Me: With all these symptoms you’ve just mentioned, I’m sorry to tell you that you have the “WWPT” syndrome. That’s the “What Will People Think” syndrome.

Charles Cooley once said,

The challenge today is “I am not what I think I am”and “I am not what you think I am”. “I am what I think you think I am”.


So basically, we live in a perception of a perception of ourselves. You’re blown away yeah?

Alright so let me break it down for you. So if we think that this person thinks we are beautiful, then we are. Same way if we think that the person sitting across us thinks we’re ugly, then we’re ugly. It’s factsssssss… And you know that!

So you wear a dress and you’re like “Does she think I look fat in this?” “Does he think my legs look weird” and then you just conclude, in your mind, that you look fat or your legs look weird just because you think that’s what the other person thinks. This syndrome has been going on for a very very very very longgggggg timeeeeee and it’s high time we seize to think that way.

Be comfortable in your skin and your clothes!

You like that dress? Wear it! You like those heels? Put them on! You think the haircut would be nice? Do it! You think this shave will fit you? Shave it! Do not care what people will think!

I know right now you’re like “Sis, it’s easier said than done!”. Well, you can start from somewhere.

I feel like the only people you’re entitled to care about what they think of you are:

God, Your parents and You

God, because He’s the One that created you. He has every right to think or to care about whatever you’re doing with yourself and your body. So you’re entitled to care about what He thinks.

Your parents, because they’re literally the reason you’re on this earth and they’re the ones that took care of you till the point you could start to think for yourself. So yeah you’re entitled to care about what they think.

You, because you owe it to yourself to do whatever pleases you as long as it doesn’t hurt you or the next person. Care about what You think because You got You!

So that’s my prescribed treatment for your sickness. Do these things 3 times a day for every day of your life and you’ll be fine.

You: Thanks so much Doc! I’ll definitely do that. *stands and leaves happily*

The End…

So guysss that’s the end of my lovely story. I hope you enjoyed it.

Always remember, Do You!

Before I go, I’ve got a major announcement to make two major announcement one major and one minor announcement to make. Alright so,

Yesterday I don’t know why but I like just sat down for like 5 hours straight and just worked on my site! So now my site has more features 😁. There’s Google translate if you want to read my post in your native language (no discrimination here) and there’s a contact page for if you want to send me a mail or something. Just click “menu” on the upper right side of the page. Yas yasss

Guyssss I got up to 1k5+ views on my last posttttt!!!! It’s a huge thing for me cause like it’s normally 200-500 soooo yeahhhh I’m getting a lot of traffic on my site right now and I’m really happy about that so I decided to help y’all the same way you help me. If you’ve been looking for a way to spread the word about your business or just something that you do, then your prayers have been answered! Send me a mail or Dm me in any or my social medias so we can talk!

See y’all next time! ❀️



Very interesting! Keep it up my Super number one girl. I’m very proud of you. Best wishes always.


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