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If you’re reading this, I’m so glad you made it into 2021. I pray that all you weren’t able to fulfill last year, you will this year. More wins for us all!❤️

It’s finally the last day of Blogmas. I don’t know what made me plan it this way 😂😂. Don’t worry, this year’s blogmas would be better.

Yooooooooo, can we talk about yesterday?

I want to say a huge “from the bottom of my heart” thank you to every single one of you who reached out to me yesterday to congratulate me and to all my friends, I couldn’t have done it without you guys. From my first guests to the last set, I appreciate every single one of you and I’m pretty sure y’all would have a second or some, third time this year but let’s also make space for new people, okay? 😂

I’m looking forward to a year of bigger, better and more interesting content, hopefully giveaways and so many other stuff I have in store. I hope you’ll ride with me for another amazing year!


Alright guys, sit down sit down, we about to have some real talk.

Yunno yunno some people still be writing new year resolutions?! Like are you for real? What year are we in right now? That’s right, a decade away from 2011! How you still be writing new year resolutions and thinking you’re going to keep them😩.

There’s a difference between new year manifesting, new year goals and new year resolutions. Infact, manifesting and setting goals for the year is amazing! That’s a great thing! But you see the “I’ll try to be less mean”?, nahh b. That ain’t gon work…

Believe me, I have nothing against new year resolutions but for some reason, y’all just don’t make it REALISTIC! Talking about “From tomorrow, I’m going to start eating less carbs”. NO! NO! You know that you’re going to wake up and eat rice, then pasta for lunch and finally, Eba for dinner so who you deceiving?

“iM gOiNg To StArT gOiNg To ThE gYm FrOm ToMoRrOw”

Don’t lie! You know, you know, in the deepest bottom of your chest that you’ll wake up by 11pm, eat pasta, spend the next 2 hours lying down pressing your phone, then you’ll switch to Netflix and then you’ll sleep then wake up and have dinner, back to Netflix and finally, sleep.


Because the same person you were yesterday is the same you today and tomorrow. Magic doesn’t happen overnight!

Anytime I see people write “New Year, New Me”, I’m like you clearly haven’t changed since 5 years ago if you think that phrase is actually true.

I’m not trying to be a bad person, believe me. I’m just trying to bring reality to you, boo.

I just get annoyed when someone asks me, “Have you written your new year resolutions?”. No, I’m not in Primary school.

Rather than writing then changes that you know won’t happen, how about you start writing manifestations.

1. This year will be amazing for me.

2. I will own a car this year

3. I will be happier this year

4. My business will flourish

5. My brand will be recognized

After writing all those things you want from this year, I promise you that you’ll feel so much better than if you’re writing…

1. I’m going to try to be less mean

2. Starting from tomorrow, I will start working out.

3. I will try to press my phone less

Oh please, talking about “this new year, I will start to enjoy my chores”. 😂😂😂😂😂😂

People just crack me up.

Please, it’s 2021! Let’s be realistic!

Anyways, that’s the end of REAL TALK WITH IB! I should make this a series, yeah?😂

You know what? I’ll put up a poll on my blog account on Ig, that’s @_itsib. Go and vote so I’ll know your opinion!

Welcome into the new year, love y’all so much! See you on Monday! God, am I happy that we’re back to our regular Monday’s every week😂 and now I can finally say,

Till next week, drops ink


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