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How Are You?

Hey everyoneee!!!

I had a very very busy day today so I couldn’t proof read my posts and do final edits before publishing hence why I didn’t publish any Blogtober posts today so I thought instead of leaving y’all hanging, we could just talk.

How are you? How are you feeling? What was your day like today?

I mentioned I had a very busy day. We had this program in church called the “Arise Walk”. We do it every year for everyone to come together to walk and exercise. It’s basically a way to keep fit while having fun.

The walk started by 7am so we had to wake up really early (but we still got there late) then we had aerobics, games and other fun stuff in church, of course food as well.

I actually just got home, it’s almost 4pm now and I’m so so tired that I’d have to push editing to tomorrow. I hope you can understand 🥺

Here are a few photos from todayyyy✨

Also, Permission to Dance played on the radio on my way home. I got so excited, I jumped and my mum got scared so she scolded me but it was worth it😂😭

Remember to tell me how are you? How are you feeling and how’s your day going?

I’d love to hearrrr🤍🤍🤍


11 replies on “How Are You?”

I’m having a great day and I feel awesome! The only thing is there’s stuff going on in my life, like big changes that are gonna be happening (moving, possible job changes, etc) so that’s not too fun. But today on its own is good 😂💕
That looks like an awesome event!! (Aside from there getting up early part 😐 that’s never fun 🤣)

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