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Random Thoughts Thursdays: PAUSE

Hey guysssss

I know this is out of my schedule cause I only post on Mondays, Wednesday’s and Fridays now unless it’s a special post or event but recently, I was thinking that there are a lot of thoughts I have that I would like to share with you but I never have time to work them around my schedule so I’m starting this cute series.

I’m just going to be sharing my thoughts on some things and I would also love to hear your opinions on them. I hope this series turns out to be a fun one for all of us!

Today I will be sharing my most recent thought: PAUSE

Today was a really relaxed day for me. It’s only a few hours past midday and I haven’t really stressed myself at all. I’m currently lying down on my bed, paused my reading so I could write this post. I’m rereading “Think Big” by Ben Carson, found it in my shelf and thought it would be nice to read it again since it’s been years since I read it.

I’m very grateful for days like this where I don’t do anything but remain in my comfort space, eating, reading and taking naps. It really helps clear my mind especially if I had a rough week (which I did). I get to not think about anything and just live in that moment, it’s called peace.

It sucks cause some people don’t get to have this time to just PAUSE their busy lives and take time to take care of themselves physically and mentally.

I think I was pushed more to post about this because my parents had a weekend getaway this past weekend. They traveled to another state to have a little rest and I was really happy about that. Even though I didn’t get to go, I wasn’t so bothered cause I’ve always been someone that enjoys being by myself in my own space. I also love going to new places but I’m not going to sulk if I don’t get to. Anyways, I was really glad my parents had this getaway because they really needed it.

Also, last week’s Run BTS episode where they concluded their Hotel Staycation. It was very nice to watch the guys relax, watch TV, play, eat, sleep, basically doing mundane things and we know how hard artists work so it must’ve been a precious time for them and it made me very happy and relaxed as well.

I hope we all can create time for ourselves when we can just PAUSE and take a moment to love and take care of our body and our minds especially when we feel overwhelmed with work and duties.

Do you take time to PAUSE? How do you relax after a long day or week? Have you ever gone on a weekend getaway and where would you like to go to?


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