ARMY PLUG: @btaniegiveaways

Hey everyoneeee! It’s been a minute🤭

How is everyone doing? I really hope everyone is healthy and happy and in a good place, if not the best.

For me, I’m currently still going through post concert depression from the 2-day Muster SOWOOZOO. I cannot seem to get Daechwita Hobi and CNS Jimin out of my mind, someone pray for me!😭

Today’s blog post is the first of a new segment I thought of starting. As most of y’all know, I’m a proud ARMY. If it’s not obvious from the last 7 posts

This new segment, “ARMY PLUG”, I will be sharing with y’all some amazing ARMYs that make, sell and giveaway cute official and unofficial BTS merch. I think being an ARMY is all about helping and supporting each other. A lot of y’all support my blog so using the little platform I have to also support you is something I’m happy to do!

Without further ado, the first ARMY I will be plugging issss @btaniegiveaways on Twitter!

They do really really nice giveaways!

They also sell sealed and unsealed albums

Which I think are pretty cheap. Shipping is completely FREE which means you don’t have to worry about shipping cost.

Did you think that was all? Nope!

They also sell BTS posters!

I saved this for the last cause this, I think is the cutest thing ever! They sell these little random member Freebies!

I’m sorry, but doesn’t this spark some kinda curiosity in you?😂

So out of curiosity, your girl got herself a freebie. I was DYING to know the member/members I would get.

Shipping might take two weeks and I got it last week so maybe it’ll arrive this week or next week. Let me know if you want me to do a “FREEBIES REVEAL” so I can show y’all what I got. I’m so excited 😂

Also, today is actually her birthday! So I hope y’all check out her Twitter account and wish her a happy birthday and also check out all of the things I displayed and more.

That’s it for today, guys! Hope you enjoyed this post. Please like if you did and also comment down below which of the albums or merch you’d like to have.

See you next timeeee!💜


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