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ARMY PLUG: itsjustkpop!!!

Heyyyy everyoneee!

I’m very very excited for this post! Because as y’all know, if there’s anything I love more than talking about myself, it’s talking about BTS 😩

A while back, I started this segment called “ARMY PLUG”. If you don’t remember or you skipped it, then click here!

ARMY PLUG is basically just me reviewing or sharing with y’all some amazing ARMYs who make, sell and give away cute unofficial BTS merch! I will be reviewing ARMYs that I think are working really hard. It’s not easy running a business, big or small so this is just my way of showing support 💜

And I am so so excited for the store I will be reviewing today and that isssssssssss

🥁 🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁


itsjustkpop is run by my favorite Tiktoker on earth, Jasmine!

I love her and I love her content! I love how genuine she is when it comes to BTS. Sometimes she can be deep and sometimes, major crackhead energy and I live for that! Okay, back to the store.

Jas sells cute little boyfriend Polaroids of BTS, by boyfriend Polaroids, I mean the kind of photos that look like it was taken by their bf/gf.

Just look at these!!! Omg! That last photo is actually my home screen wallpaper 😭💜 and the second one was my WhatsApp wallpapers and the third to the last was my lock screen wallpaper. Yeah, if you can’t tell by now, Hobi is my bf 😗

This is Jas encouraging delulu behavior 😩

Jimin and I on on ice cream date cause it’s very possible 👩🏾‍🦯

She also makes these cute Butter inspired Polaroids as well!

Gimme that Yoongi!!!

How are they so cute omg????

Give me a second to stare at Jin before we proceed…



These look so beautifulllll🤩🤩🤩 and I love how it’s a Polaroid like you could literally stuff it into your purse everytime you’re heading out.

These Polaroids I’m about to show you are actually my favorite set from Jas’s shop and that’s the Winter package 🥺

Look at these!!! Makes me wanna cry cause why is it so adorable 😭😭

I don’t know how many times I’ve visited Jas’s store to stare at these Jimin Polaroids.

I plan on getting them cause I’d probably die if I don’t but as I mentioned in my Butter album unboxing post, I love to gift myself during special occasions. Like I don’t know how to buy stuff for myself when there’s nothing to celebrate 😂. I know, I’m weird 😩

But yeah, I do plan on getting these maybe for my 2nd year Blog anniversary but it’s still months away 💀 help!

Did you think that was all? No no no!

You can also customize your own BTS Polaroids! You can request for a particular Polaroid you want and she’ll make it!

Let me also let you know that Jas makes her Polaroids with so much love like it’s literally one of the reasons I want to get them cause the joy she has while packaging them and every little detail she puts into it is so cute!

Here’s a video of her packaging an order!

The care! The joy 😩

I already can’t wait to have my order packed by Jasmine 🥺

All her Polaroids are really cheap and you know the best part?

Right now, she is celebrating hitting 300K+ followers on TikTok so if you use the code “300KBTS”, you get 10% discount on any order you make in her shop!!!

Not me being your fairy godmother right now 🌟

Jokes aside though, do check out itsjustkpop and also check out Jas’s TikTok and Instagram as well!

Here’s the link to her if you’re interested in all the other amazing things she does.

Jas, I really hope you like my review and please do continue to make more TikToks for ARMYs. They make my day 💜

Borahae besties!

Also, don’t forget if you ever want to feature, collab, promote or cry over Jimin together, then please contact me!

안녕! Byeeee 💜





26 replies on “ARMY PLUG: itsjustkpop!!!”

Just what I need lmaoo
I’ve been doing up stuff lately to save some money so that I could get something 🥺 and I’m definitely checking this out <33

"Also, don’t forget if you ever want to feature, collab, promote or cry over Jimin together, then please contact me!"

The cry over Jimin together part, I'm in, count me in😭✋

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