My Experience Voting In Nigeria

On the 25th of February, 2023, Nigeria held her presidential election and since it’s the first election since I became legible to vote, it was whole new experience so I thought I’d share it with you. Just like I shared how I got my driver’s license, cause I just love sharing a things with you🧍🏽‍♀️ […]

Lifestyle Work

Lifestyle Changes Since My New Job 💻 📔

It’s been almost two months since I started working at my new office. Mind you, this is my first actual corporate job and getting this job wasn’t planned at all. Everything happened in two days and Gbam! I got the job. So there had been a massive shift in my lifestyle these past weeks and […]

Blogmas Christmas

Blogmas D’4: My City During Christmas

Ho Ho Ho Yorobun! It is Day 4 of Blogmas and i have a quite short post planned for you today. Short but cute, I think… So of course, it’s December and everywhere is lit up with the Christmas spirit and beautiful beautiful decorations! I have seen many but haven’t had time to take pictures […]

Eat With Me Feature Features Food

Life As A Foodie: Our Fav African Meals ft Sabrina🤩💛

Hey hey heyyyyy Omg it feels like I haven’t blogged in a whileeee (calm down sis, it’s just Friday). Your girl has been so under the weather😭. I have malaria AND flu..crazy right? That’s why I couldn’t publish any post yesterday 🥺 I’m so sorry. I’m feeling better than I felt yesterday in case you […]

Blogtober Trip

HOF’21 (5): How I got my driver’s license in Nigeria

Hey hey heyyy It’s been a very short while…only a day😂 But how are you doing?! How is life? I hope it’s going good, if not great✨ It’s still Blogtober and as you know my theme is “Highlights of 2021” where I would be sharing with you different things I did this year. Today, I […]