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Reacting to Weverse Posts pt. 2

It’s Ib here! But of course you knew that😀 I’m back with another “Reacting to Weverse Posts” because you all enjoyed the last one and found it funny (Click here to read). I’m glad it made you laugh which is what I live for sooooo here it is! Awwnn I know right! RM has an […]

Music Song Reactions

Perfect Now by Louis Tomilson| Akhiyaan Milavanga by Arijit Singh and Sruthy Sasidhara| Middle of the Night by Monsta X

Hey guysss!!! November is slowly coming to end, Christmas decorations are coming up as the weather is slowly coming down. It’s crazy to think 11 months are gone already, just like that! Wow🥺🤍 Enough of the sappy talk, today we’ll be reacting to 3 songs by Louis Tomilson, Monsta X and Arijit Singh! Louis, I […]