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Perfect Now by Louis Tomilson| Akhiyaan Milavanga by Arijit Singh and Sruthy Sasidhara| Middle of the Night by Monsta X

Hey guysss!!!

November is slowly coming to end, Christmas decorations are coming up as the weather is slowly coming down. It’s crazy to think 11 months are gone already, just like that! Wow🥺🤍

Enough of the sappy talk, today we’ll be reacting to 3 songs by Louis Tomilson, Monsta X and Arijit Singh!

Louis, I have had an experience with because my sister is/was a huge directioner so I know a lot of their songs therefore Louis is not a stranger to me but the other two, this will be my first time listening to their songs and I’m excited about that!

Perfect Now by Louis Tomilson


So there’s no music video, it’s just a lyric video which is fine I guess.

Awwwnnn the song is sweet🥺🥺

“I guess some queens don’t need a crown”🥺 that’s beautiful✨

Are these pictures of his fans?🥺 I think so

That’s so cuteeee🤍

This song is actually giving a One Direction song but I really like it. It’s very sweet✨

My personal opinion, I feel Louis suits being in a band more than being solo. His voice complements well with others but that’s just my opinion.

Personally, I give this a 6✨

Akhiyaan Milavanga by Arijit Singh

Okay so I didn’t know which was the actual video so I just picked the first one at the top. I know my Indian friends are excited to hear my thoughts. I am too😂

This is literally the first Indian song I’m listening to voluntarily and I feel like I would like it!


Oh this is the lyric video!

I actually like the beat! I don’t know what they’re saying but the guy’s voice is nice and so is the beat🥺

Awwnn the lady’s voice is soft and beautiful but I almost thought it was a different song😂.

I like the beat at the chorus

Judging from the tune and the beat, I’d say the song is sensual? And calming

But it didn’t have me going wowwwwww so I’m going to give this a 6 too! Thank you Sabrina for recommending this song!🤍

Middle of the night by Monsta X


Okayyyy, love the room interior

How many are they? 5? I’m sorry if I don’t know, I’m seeing too many different faces😂

The song is nice anyways. I mean I’ve never heard any of this songs so I don’t know what to expect but this is listenable so~

This is one of the few K-pop groups I’ve listened to that no one rapped😂 surprisingly. Giving this a 6 too cause today is all about 6!😂 Thank you Poorwa for recommending this song!

Those are the 3 songs for today! I think we got a mix of everything; Hollywood, Bollywood and K-pop 🤩

Loved listening to these! Do share your thoughts in the comments below, I’d love to read them.


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