Random Thoughts Thursday

Individual Truths

I think it’s really interesting how two humans can look at an object but never actually see the same thing.

The difference lies in our experiences, culture, upbringing, knowledge and even our friends and family.

If someone is handing out free samples, one person sees it as an opportunity to get more free stuff while another person could see it as suspicious. Why? Because of past experience. The latter might’ve been duped before.

There are many scenarios in my head that I can’t write all but I’m sure you get the gist now.

The fact that we see or feel the same things but interpret them differently based on our own judgment, most times lead to most of our misunderstandings and arguments because as humans, we love to be right. So when someone is seeing something different from what we see, we conclude the person is wrong. “It’s 6, not 9”, but it is actually 9 that the person sees because they are standing across you. No one is actually wrong, it is possible to have 2 different truths.

I’m currently reading a book, “101 Essays That Will Change The Way You Think” by Brianna Wiest. In the book, she said “the fastest way to sound unintelligent is to say “This idea is wrong”. That idea maybe wrong to you but it exists because it is right for someone else. An intelligent person says, “I don’t personally understand this idea or agree with it”. To speak definitively about a person or idea is to be blind to the multitude of perspectives that exist on it.

When we learn to be more understanding of the fact that no two individuals have the same mind or thought process and that because you are given the same equation doesn’t mean you will solve it the same way to arrive at the answer, I feel like the world would be a better place.

I had something different planned for today but this came in as a random thought because of something that happened recently and I just thought I could share my two cents with you guys.

Hope your day is going well? Thank you for reading! 🤍


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