Firsts And Seconds

I was brushing my teeth and I had a really random thought which birthed this post.

Basically there are processes in this day to day lives that we generally agree are set in stone. Like you need to start and warm the car first before driving it, you should put ice before putting water yadi yadi yada but there are still obvious things that should be set in stone that we STILL argue about!

I’m going to say a list of processes and how I think they should actually go and then we can discuss about it in the comments. This is supposed to be an interactive post so you guys better cooperate or it’s just gonna be me talking!

1. Cereal first, Milk second

I do not understand humans that put the milk in the bowl before putting the cereal. That’s just wrong and honestly, does not add up. You put the cereal first then pour in your milk.

2. Brush your teeth first, then have your bath

If you’re having your bath before brushing your teeth, we need to talk. You don’t do that! Bathing should be the last thing you do in the bathroom and then you head out.

3. Finish your meal, then eat your meat

This might honestly just be the Nigerian in me cause when I was younger, I was trained to finish eating my rice or pasta or swallow before eating whatever protein I was given; meat, fish, chicken etc. So when I see people finish eating their meat before they’ve emptied their rice bowl, I’m like “what are you??”

4. Rub your lotion first before wearing your clothes

I do not understand the logic behind this. Why do some of you get fully dressed and then decide to rub lotion on the few parts of your skin that’s left showing. Rub your lotion immediately you get out of the shower.

What’s another very obvious process you think should not even be argued about? Do you agree with mine or do you disagree 🧐?

2 replies on “Firsts And Seconds”

Hahah I’m with you on all these except the meat one but that’s just cause I’m vegan. I’ve tried the milk first system and it sucked SO much. You cannot know whether you’ve used the right amount of milk plus the splatter. The cereal doesn’t get the right amount of soggy also.

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