A Lil Catch Up?

Hey everyoneee! It’s Ib

Omg it feels like it’s been so long since I said that.

I took an unannounced hiatus once I concluded the Bangtaniversary 2022. Honestly, the hiatus was unexpected even for me but I had a lot going on in my head that I didn’t think I’d be able to publish any posts worth reading (I’ll get to this later).

This is also an unexpected comeback cause I didn’t plan to resume blogging either but I find myself opening the WordPress app and clicking on Posts so I guess my mind has something it wants to say.

This Friday, the 12th of August, 2022 which is also my birthday is going to make it 2 months since I last posted on here. I missed having an outlet to write, not just about whatever is on my mind…just to write. I guess y’all will understand what I mean.

Okay okay! I decided to do a little catch up on my life, fill you in on what I’ve been up to and also know how you guys are doing. I’ll TRY to catch up on your posts that I’ve missed. “TRY”.

My last post was published on the 12th of June which was the last day of the Bangtaniversary. Firstly, thank you for the support you gave to the series.

ARMYs, I hope you had the most fun these past months. We’ve been packed with SO MUCH CONTENT! It has been a ride, truly. Bad Decisions by Benny Blanco, BTS & Snoop Dog dropped last week Friday, how are y’all feeling?

You know I have to show you my snapshots!

Also, after 10 months we’re finally getting Run BTS (not the song) next week Tuesday! My weekly therapy is back 🥺🌱

Proof Album btw
✨The pulls ✨

I got a new job! An 8:30-4 which is pretty good. It’s been an interesting experience and I will get into more details in subsequent posts.

I also cut my hair 💇‍♀️ so I’m out here looking like this 🙎🏽 now. I’m not quite sure if I look good but a good number of people have complimented my new look so I guess I do.

The sky is my favorite thing

I read a book quite recently (I’m going to start reading books again btw), I’ll make the time. Probably on weekends.

The name of the book is See Me by Tella Alvarez. It is a beautiful and raw story about the sexual assault, suicide, love, depression, friendship and well, life. The book is so beautifully executed, I fell deeper with every chapter. I finished the book in hours, that’s how good it is. It really helped me cause I had been struggling mentally but reading that book gave me ease of mind. It was almost like fate planned for me to see that book. Anyways, I loved it very much.

My bucket hat

I don’t know if you guys would be interested but I’m currently watching 3 on-going dramas.

Cafe Minamdang (8/10)– Story of a former cop that was falsely accused of tampering with evidence that led to the death of his friend. He and his very peculiar team are trying to catch the real killer and prove his innocence.

It’s very very funny, trust me.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo (10/10)– Story of an autistic lawyer with an amazing IQ trying to adjust to the world, she meets several kinds of clients and she also falls in love. And she loves whales 🐳

This drama has been educative and so beautiful. I love it so much

Alchemy of Souls (10/10)– The story of Naksu, a vicious assassin and Jang Uk, a mage born with the King’s Star.

I love the friendship shown in the drama. There’s a lot shown actually; friendship, love, greed etc. I think you’ll really enjoy it.

I don’t know what I was thinking but the picture is cute anyways

I think that’s kind of all I’ve been up to since June.

Back to what I said earlier about not being able to publish posts worth reading, this thought plagued my mind for a while. Honestly, since the beginning of this year.

There was a pressure to only write posts that would be educative, that my readers would gain some immense knowledge from, that wasn’t just about random things in my life so that kind of pulled me down and made me feel a type of way about the posts I wrote.

BUT I have realized that instead of feeling inadequate and pressuring myself, I should just do and write whatever what makes me happy so that’s the kind of mindset I’m going to have from now onwards.

I’m saying this in case there’s any blogger reading my posts or anyone in general that feels like what they’re doing is inadequate or not enough, don’t throw it away. As long as you enjoy it and there are other people that enjoy it, just keep going. Don’t mind that inner voice in your head that keeps saying stuff. Do what you love and be proud of it.

How has the past month been? Any major changes in your life since June? What books or movies have you seen recently?


2 replies on “A Lil Catch Up?”

Welcome back, girl! Good to see you here. It’s been disheartening to see so many bloggers disappear over the last few months.
I write about totally random stuff too – it’s what keeps my blog going – so DW about your content needing to be educational. As long as you enjoy writing, people will enjoy reading. ❤️

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